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Friday, June 14, 2024

Home and Away reunion: Kate Ritchie, Ada Nicodemou, Lynne McGranger and Emily Symons get together for hilarious video

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On Friday morning, Kate Ritchie, Ada Nicodemou, Lynne McGranger, and Emily Symons had a great Home and Away reunion.

In a funny video posted by the radio station, the soap drama superstars reunited on Nova FM’s Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Ritchie to advertise the raffle of Kate’s car.

Ada, 46, and Emily, 53, performed a farce in which they stripped Kate, 44, of all the gold and silver Logies she keeps stowed in her car.

Meanwhile, Lynne, 70, hid in the trunk and attempted to collect her former co-star’s unique prizes.

Ada and Emily begin the film by approaching Kate’s car, which she had left unattended in the parking garage beneath the Nova building.

Kate Ritchie, Ada Nicodemou, 46,(right) Lynne McGranger and Emily Symons, 53,(left) had a big Home and Away reunion on Friday morning

Ah, so this is it. This is the big prize we’ve been hearing about,’ Ada said.

‘Yeah, Kate Ritchie’s car, not what I was expecting, but not too shabby, Kate,’ Emily responded, before noting there was ‘bird poo’ on the hood.

Ada then got in the car and attempted to start it, but there appeared to be a problem with the engine.

‘Uh, that doesn’t sound nice,’ Emily remarked. ‘Just pop the hood, dear,’ she says, before discovering a gold Logie in the engine compartment.

‘Strewth! It’s finally here! ‘What the hell is that doing in there?’ Before Ada realised there was something else stopping the automobile, she exclaimed.

‘Here’s the issue! ‘How many do you think she has?’ Ada yelled as she retrieved a big, painted self-portrait of Kate from beneath the automobile.

Emily then discovered another gold Logie hidden beneath the truck before Kate stormed out and urged the women to “get out of it.”

‘For goodness sake, I could have shown you myself,’ Kate replied as she opened her car trunk, only to be startled by Lynne hiding within.

The redhead actor was snuggled up with the remainder of Kate’s Logie awards, kissing them as she said, ‘They’re mine!’

‘Get your own Lynne,’ Kate exclaimed, capping off the raucous video.

Ada got in the car at one point and attempted to start it, but there appeared to be a problem with the engine as it had a gold Logie stored inside it

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