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Home and Away: Rose says ”I can’t do this” and pulls away from love interest Mali

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Despite the rough beginning of their relationship, Mali and Rose aren’t holding back any more. Is it all too much for Rose, though?

Rose has found it difficult to trust anyone after falling for the bad guy bikie Tex (Lucas Linehan) and being duped by his charm.

The policewoman was not only deceived by Tex, who was lying to her while using the gym to launder money and using her as intelligence, but she was also humiliated in front of her coworkers when their connection was eventually made public in court during his trial.

Although though her line of work initially alarmed Mali (Kyle Schilling), a handsome surfer new to the Bay, she can’t help but be pulled to him.

According to Kirsty, 32, “Mali’s negative reaction to Rose becoming a police officer is due to his background with cops.”

He informs her that people in his hometown of Mantaray Point are unreliable. It put them on rough ground, but Rose is sympathetic to his feelings and makes him feel heard. ”

Their first date went smoothly after they agreed to a new beginning. Rose is in love.
Kirsty notes that Rose is “very taken by Mali’s confidence.”

“She thought his ease to be incredibly seductive when he approached her at the surf club. Rose is interested in this romantic relationship and wants to see it through.

When Rose shows up at his caravan dressed to impress, things start to become heated. But as panic sets in, she withdraws. She quickly exits the van without offering an explanation. What is happening?

Kirsty claims she understands Rose’s decision to leave the romantic encounter.
She explains that her primary concern is that she won’t get wounded again.

Rose’s anxiety stems from her sadness over Tex, who cruelly used her. She needs someone in whom she can have entire faith.

Rose sees Mali the next day and apologizes for leaving so quickly. Mali acknowledges his confusion but realizes it’s challenging to move on from the past.

Mali later discovers Xander and laments Rose’s breakup with him.

Will she sabotage her potential for happiness?

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