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Friday, May 24, 2024

Home and Away spoilers: Can Ziggy and Dean solve things? Sophie Dillman speaks out

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Home and Away viewers have been worried for the future of Dean and Ziggy – as Dean has shut himself off following his recent ordeal.

Ziggy is patiently trying to reignite the flame between them, but is Dean ready?

Sophie Dillman, who plays Ziggy, tells Metro.co.uk about what’s to come, how Ziggy feels about Dean, and whether she’s enjoyed playing the character.

Are you able to summarise where Ziggy and Dean are at as a couple in the run up to this week?

They still have a long road ahead, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Is it fair to say Ziggy is frustrated?

Absolutely. She’s frustrated, anxious, scared, angry, and happy all in one.

Do you think she can remain patient with Dean or could this eventually cause a rift between them?

We hope so, but it’s acceptable if it does cause a rift because this is a difficult situation for everyone.

There is definite sexual tension between them – does this give Ziggy reassurance that Dean still fancies her?

Yes, but I believe it also emphasizes how desperate they are to be with each other.

Things bubble over but Dean backs out again – how does Ziggy feel at this point?

She’s frustrated, sad, angry, and deliciously desperate!

They eventually have a candid chat about wanting to restore the intimacy – can you tell us about those scenes?

They were actually really difficult to do because I know how I would have those conversations with Paddy (as Sophie), but having those conversations as Ziggy and Dean is different, and doing it with someone you’re so close to, surrounded by all these people on set, was a strange mind map we had to delve into. They turned out fantastically in the end, and we had a terrific time doing it.

How does Ziggy try and help Dean over his fear of driving?

She approaches Logan and seeks his advice. She both tempts and reassures him… They go at a glacial pace.

Is she proud of the steps he has made and continues to make? The stairs are a milestone…

She is incredibly proud of him and grateful that he is alive and well again in her life. She’s really pleased with herself.

Is there an element of Dean trying to take too much on all at once what with driving and returning to the water?

Absolutely, but Dean wouldn’t do it any other way

Has it been interesting story to play out?

I’m a nurse by trade, so I’ve had to forget a few things about medicine in order to play this part, and it’s been a fascinating experience.

Are you glad that Home and Away are realistically taking their time portraying the process of recovery rather than rushing a miraculous recovery?

Yes, I believe it is an essential tale for everyone to watch, and for anyone who has or will suffer something similar, it is crucial to understand how long it takes to heal.

Has it been interesting to get an insight into how Ziggy feels as the partner who is helping the injured party?

Certainly, I haven’t had that experience. Paddy has had to take after me through a couple of operations for my endometriosis, so it’s probably the other way around. It’s really opened my eyes to how difficult it is and how much effort goes into it.

Do you think that this makes Ziggy and Dean stronger as a unit – if they can get through this, they can get through anything?

Absolutely, I believe that any couple who has to go through anything like this and survives should be quite proud of themselves.

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