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Home And Away spoilers: Felicity comes face-to-face with her attacker

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The moment she thought would give her closure has finally arrived. But will catching the man who drugged and sexually assaulted her really bring an end to Felicity’s pain?

This week on Home And Away, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is waiting to see if her high-risk rendezvous was successful. She sits in her car, holding out her phone, trying to photograph the man who has been threatening her. Flick takes photos as evidence when he eventually comes and retrieves the ransom money backpack.

Her companion Tane (Ethan Browne) and brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), who learned of her intentions, scramble to locate her. In order to avoid caving in to her blackmailer’s demands, Flick had lied to them. She had even made secret plans to meet her oppressor.

According to Jacqui, “Her trauma is greatly affecting her relationships.” TV WEEK. She is growing increasingly distant from the people she cares about.
Rose (Kirsty Marillier) brings the suspect to the police station. But when Flick leaves Cash’s office, she unintentionally bumps into the alleged offender. The moment of confrontation is too much.

“It’s overwhelming,” Jacqui says. “It’s devastating – a very emotional moment for her.”

The burden of trying to catch his sister’s attacker has taken a toll on Cash too. At home, his girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) lends an ear as he reveals his own pain.

Can siblings Flick and Cash move past this?

With no end in sight to her agony, Felicity made the audacious decision to track down her assailant. But will her search result in a resolution or a crisis?

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) attempted everything she could to get over being sexually abused on a night out with her friend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

A unidentified intruder drugged Flick’s drink as they were celebrating Lyrik’s performance at the Battle Of The Bands tournament. She later learned she had been assaulted.

Flick initially kept her brother (Nicholas Cartwright) in the dark about what had happened, but when she finally told him, he pledged to be there for her.

“It’s like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders,” Jacqui says to TV WEEK. “Of course, Cash doesn’t blame her and wants to assist her in any way he can.” They both agree that she should notify police so that they can try to get this offender.”

Despite the support of her friends, counselling sessions and a police investigation, Flick still wants answers. She goes to the police station and demands to see the CCTV footage from the night. Cash warns against it, but at her insistence, lets her into his office.

As Flick trawls through the footage, Cash calls her partner Tane (Ethan Browne). But his arrival causes further problems as Flick lashes out.

“Let me do this!” she cries. Cash and Tane leave, unsure of how to help her.

Hours tick by and Flick is no closer to finding the offender. She’s haunted by a moment she can’t remember…

The next day, Eden implores Cash to take a break – he too is consumed by the search to find the attacker. While he’s on the phone to Eden, the DNA results from Flick’s tests come back. Could this be the breakthrough they need?

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