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Home and Away spoilers: Felicity is arrested for attempted murder – but who is really responsible?

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The cops have been putting growing pressure on Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) since they suspect her of being behind the devastating chemical attack that left several members of the Bay clinging to life. Despite Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) best attempts, Detective Nasser (Julian Maroun) has arrived at the caravan park to conduct a raid on her vehicle.

Nasser and his team discover a bottle of pills in the van, much to Felicity’s dismay – the identical drugs that were used to sedate Tane (Ethan Browne) prior to the attack. Felicity asks Cash to accompany her to the station for additional questioning, but Nasser promises her he’ll take care of it and drives her away.

Anne (Megan Smart) returns Felicity home the next morning, but she refuses to speak to her brother. Cash proceeds to talk with Nasser, who simply says that the situation is serious because testing has proven that the pills found in the van are the same ones that were used on Tane.

Meanwhile, Felicity gets into her van and checks her phone, only to see Nikau’s (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) newest ‘poison Felicity’ post, which references the burning pesticides receipt. The only person who knows about it is…Anne, aside from Jasmine and Cash. Felicity’s horror intensifies as she discovers that her best friend is blaming her for the chemical attack.

Anne prods Felicity, saying, “Prove it.” Felicity makes a decision after realizing she’s stranded. Nasser later sends his crew out to apprehend Felicity for attempted murder, but she is nowhere to be found.

Felicity’s disappearance just adds to her guilt, and to make matters worst, Nasser confesses to Cash that he feels he helped his sister flee…

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