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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity tries to catch her attacker

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This week on Home and Away in Australia, fed up of feeling like the victim, Felicity goes in search of her attacker – will it end in disaster?

After having her drink drugged at the Battle of the Bands competition, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) was subjected to a brutal assault. However, her nightmare has not yet ended as the unidentified attacker still torments her.

After obtaining Flick’s phone number, the assailant emailed her a picture of herself taken while she was unconscious and demanded $1000 in exchange for holding back the release of a violent film of the assault.

Flick informed Tane (Ethan Browne) that they had no choice but to pay it since she didn’t want to engage the police and run the risk of anyone viewing the video, especially her police officer brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Tane encouraged Flick as she sent the money, even though he warned of the possibility that it might not be the end of it.

It turned out that Flick received a second message requesting $10,000 less than a week later. Flick knew she had to pay them, there was no doubt about it, but there was no way the couple could manage it.

They spent all of the money that Gary (Peter Phelps), Flick’s foster father, gave them on their honeymoon, and neither of their businesses had much extra cash on hand.

Tane eventually persuaded Flick to call their bluff and simply not pay, or at least that’s what he thought he persuaded her to do as she briefly considered stealing from the Salt till. Flick was in despair.

Despite accepting the proposal, Flick immediately called the bank to inquire about a loan, but it soon became clear that no such loan could be approved before the deadline of 9am the next day.

In desperation, Flick then requested a loan from Cash, stating that it was needed to support Lyrik’s album launch party. Though that deception was quickly exposed by a fast conversation with his girlfriend, band member Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), a frantic Flick instead claimed that she had been careless with money in the weeks following her attack and didn’t want Tane to know.

Flick was relieved when Cash agreed to lend her the money only 15 minutes before the deadline, but Cash later admitted to Eden that he knew his sister was still lying to him. He only hoped that Flick wasn’t in any trouble…

This week, as Lyrik’s big album launch rolls around, all Flick can think about is her attacker’s demands.

At the venue in Sydney, Justin (James Stewart) gives the band a pep-talk, telling them not to stuff things up as he reminds them that “there are people coming tonight who can change your lives and take this band to a whole new level.”

Yet as her best friends perform the most important gig of their lives, Felicity is frozen to the spot. Her attack happened the last time that she saw Lyrik perform, and the gig has taken her right back to that moment.

She screams at Tane: “Get me out of here.”

She receives another text from her blackmailer, but she has an even worse surprise waiting for her at home. He’s increasing his demand once more and now wants $20,000. The video of her assault will go public if she doesn’t pay.

While Felicity just wants to hand over even more money and end the situation, Tane knows that’ll never happen – the blackmailer increasing his demands is exactly how he knew this would play out.

“Wake up,” Tane tells Flick. “He’s never gonna stop.”

But Felicity is determined to do something, and comes up with a plan to regain control – she needs to stop being the victim and catch her attacker once and for all.

She replies to the text, organising a time and a place to meet. She’s got no way of raising the money in time, but that doesn’t matter; her new plan is just to catch the guy as he collects the money, take a photo of him, and hand it over to the police.

“Flick concludes that only she can make his blackmailing stop, only she can catch him,” Jacqui Purvis explains to TV Week.

You can watch a preview for this week’s episodes in the article. Felicity is shown holding a black bag, which she stuffs into a wheelbarrow before texting the unidentified man to let him know it is ready for him.

However, it’s stuffed with flyers and shreds of paper rather than the $20,000 her attacker demands.

She heads back to her car, ready to take the photo that could give the police the vital evidence they need to catch him.

She slides down into her seat, desperately hoping that the attacker doesn’t spot her.

As the promo shows Felicity in floods of tears at the wheel, will her plan work?

Meanwhile, back in Summer Bay, Tane wakes up that morning to find a note on the kitchen table, reading: “I’m not going to be a victim any more. Please don’t hate me.”

With no explanation of what she has planned, Tane fears the worst. He rushes to find Cash, where he explains that Flick is missing.

Will the pair be able to find Felicity before her attacker does?

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