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Home and Away SPOILERS: Felicity wants a second chance – but will Tane say yes?

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”Will you marry me again?”

Felicity and Tane are at last on stable ground after the tragedy of their first derailed wedding almost caused them to split up.

Tane is shocked when Felicity tempts fate this week and makes a proposal.
In the television series Home and Away, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) declares her desire for a new beginning to Tane (Ethan Browne).

The effects of their botched wedding, which resulted in a terrible car tragedy that claimed many lives, may never fully heal, but Flick is prepared to go on.

Flick is filled with optimism for another shot at marriage but Tane has his reservations. IMAGE: Seven

Flick had been drinking to relieve her guilt in recent months because she thought the accident was her fault.

Tane was devastated when her lies caught up with her and she left town.
Flick visited her house, which was also a source of her prior trauma, while she was abroad and made an effort to sort things up.

Flick has always been wary of commitment, but is she now ready?

She feared commitment because she didn’t want to experience the same disappointment or hurt as when her father killed himself, according to Jacqui, who speaks to TV WEEK.

In her perspective, he simply departed after giving up. She wished to avoid going through that misery once more. But now that she has some understanding and closure regarding her father’s passing, she is prepared. ”

Now back in Summer Bay, Flick realizes how much she loves Tane, and they reunite.

Careful not to scare her off again, Tane is happy to go slow.

That is until Flick, on bended knee, asks for a second chance to be his bride.

”Will you marry me?” she asks, holding out a ring.

Tane is shocked. He has wanted this for so long, but now the moment is here, he can’t think straight.

Plus, Flick’s history of running still looms in his mind.

Will he say yes?

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