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Home and Away spoilers: Justin death fears, Felicity assaulted and bomb explosion

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Home and Away’s Justin is in grave danger as he’s held captive at the compound with an arrow through his leg as Felicity is sexually assaulted and a bomb explodes in the Bay

A volatile week is anticipated for Home and Away since several people’s lives are at stake.

As Leah implores him to go cautiously, Justin realises they must remove him from Vita Nova after receiving Andrew’s note.

When Cash arrives at the Morgan house without word from Justin, Leah shows him the note and they think Justin may have gone to rescue Andrew alone.
Margot forewarns Cash that if he enters the compound without a warrant, she would report him for trespassing.

Unaware that an injured Justin is lying just out of sight, he agrees to depart and leaves the compound.

Justin is made fun of by Margot at the property while Cash informs Leah that he and his car are nowhere to be found.

When it seems like Justin will survive the ordeal uninjured, Justin receives an arrow to the thigh from Andrew who eventually arrives to his aid.

In the meantime, Leah has reported Justin missing and Cash reveals they should be able to find him after putting a trace on his phone.

At the compound, Andrew picks a lock to find Justin’s phone and makes a desperate call to Leah – please send help.

Cash and the Taskforce storm the compound just in time and Andrew leads the paramedics to Justin while Margot is arrested.

Bree strives to save Justin’s life as he is taken to the hospital and later goes into shock.

Margot confronts Andrew for his betrayal as she passes him on the way to a psychological evaluation.

Leah, who is being protective, slaps Margot across the face in favour of him, though.

Other than that, Battle of the Bands takes a terrible turn when a masked person puts something into Felicity’s beverage.

Felicity heads outside for some air, but as her vision starts to lapse, she stumbles on the stairs and passes out on the floor.

When Felicity emerges, she collapses.

As Eden and Bree take Felicity to hospital, Lyrik withdraw from the Battle of the Bands contest.

After some gentle probing from Bree and with Eden by her side, Felicity admits she thinks she may have been sexually assaulted.

After Bree performs a forensic exam on her, Felicity breaks down in Eden’s arms and begs her not to tell Cash what happened.

Remi tells Tane what happened to his Felicity and he later blames Eden for letting this happen to his wife.

Later, Tane apologises to Eden for blaming her for Felicity’s assault.

When Cash meets Felicity on the beach the next day, she struggles to tell him the truth about what happened, but ultimately finds the strength.

Instead of the hostile response she anticipated, Cash is encouraging and pulls his sister close as she makes her way to the station to give a statement.

The locals on the other side of the Bay are blissfully oblivious that Marilyn’s bomb is in the most recent shipment from Stunning Organics.

Marilyn is happy to be rid of Stunning Organics once and for all, but she is unaware that she accidentally gave John the package containing the explosives.

Marilyn receives another threat from Stunning Organics warning her that she has 24 hours to retract her accusations.

Roo is convinced they’re all talk and tells Marilyn to forward the threats to the authorities.

Marilyn is then sent a text saying: “TOO LATE”, just as John and Roo head off with the box containing a bomb.

Marilyn panics when she’s sent a photo of the explosive device, and Mali races after John and Roo in his van.

They pull over just as he screams at them to get out and the van explodes.

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