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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin’s daughter Ava returns to Summer Bay

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Ava, Justin’s daughter, is back this week on the Australian version of Home and Away. Additionally, Eden’s memory starts to return, but will her feelings for Cash return as well?

Ava Gilbert, Justin’s daughter, visits Summer Bay in this week’s episodes for the first time since September 2020.

Since Justin (James Stewart) and the rest of the Morgan family first arrived in 2016, Ava has made multiple appearances. She was originally portrayed by Grace Thomas, but the part was recast in 2019 with Alice Roberts taking it forward. She’s now back, and Annabel Wolfe is in charge.

Ava is the daughter of Justin, formerly known as Jack Lee, and his former lover Nina, in case you need a fast refresher (Zoe Naylor).

Although Justin and Nina were only romantically involved for a short while, Justin was present for Ava’s birth and visited her frequently for the first two years of her life. He had to leave them both behind, though, to enter witness protection, and he vanished without telling Nina why.

When he reconnected with Nina years later, he had the challenging chore of explaining that he had spent seven years in witness protection and was now known as Justin Morgan. He was now living in Summer Bay and thought he was safe.

Nina had a while to come to terms with the fact that Ava and Justin were safe to be together, and she had good cause to believe differently given that Ava was in danger almost every time she entered the bay.

Ava fractured her arm in 2017 after being struck by Patrick Stanwood’s automobile, and Hazel Easton, the mother of a biker thug that Willow owed money to when she first arrived in Summer Bay, kidnapped her in 2018.

It’s amazing Nina ever allowed Justin to be around her daughter once more, but she eventually allowed him to visit her in the city before finally losing her cool and allowing Ava to return to Summer Bay.

When Ava made a comeback in 2019, she was playing by Alice Roberts and had to deal with her dad’s new relationship with Leah (Ada Nicodemou), with whom she had a hard time getting along at first.

She finally acknowledged that she couldn’t see the point in getting close to another Justin’s girlfriend because they typically don’t stay long.

When Leah invited her to Summer Bay in late 2020 to assist in persuading Justin to have surgery to remove a spinal tumor, that is when she was last seen.

Now that Justin and his daughter will be spending this Wednesday together in the bay, Ava will likely be recast a second time.

After a video from CelebTime’s Home and Away Tour saw James Stewart and the new actress, who is now known as Annabel Wolfe, filming scenes at the Coffee Cart with Emily Symons, fans have long anticipated Ava’s return (Maz).

Given that Ava appears to have aged more than the two years since her character last appeared on television, it appears that she may have experienced some SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Ageing Syndrome).

The lead singer of Lyrik “catches Ava’s eye,” according to the synopsis for this Thursday’s episode, as soon as Ava returns to the bay and turns her attention to Theo (Matt Evans).

While Ava is living with Justin, it quickly becomes apparent that she is more eager to spend time with Theo than she is to connect with her father.

According to Annabelle to TV Week, “Ava has only ever appeared on the show as a ‘small girl’ or at a period of pre-adolescence” up to this point. “Justin instantly realizes how much she has developed mentally and physically while he was away.”

Their inability to connect with and comprehend one another as a result of this transformation causes walls between them.

Fans have conjectured that Ava might be the “stalker” or superfan who has been inundating Theo with messages and gifts over the past several weeks in light of the fact that she has eyes for him.

When the fan sent a custom artwork to the garage, Theo was surprised, and Justin, Theo, and Kirby wondered how the fan knew to send it there.

They quickly learn that Summer Bay Auto, whose logo is shown on the Lyrik van, was purchased by Justin for the band in exchange for the chance to promote his shop as they toured the nation.

While it appeared to be a plausible explanation, things took a more sinister turn when the same fan delivered a box of donuts to Justin and Leah’s home. She had clearly acquired Theo’s home address based on the delivery.

Ava probably knows all about her dad’s adventures with Lyrik as Justin manages the band; therefore, it is possible that she is Theo’s fervent fan.

When Justin phones Nina, he discovers that the mother and daughter have been at odds since since Ava started talking to a boy online, which led to a fight when Ava disobeyed her mother’s advise.

Will Justin realize that Theo is the person Ava has been speaking to by putting two and two together?

What does this entail for Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) in other places where Eden’s memory is starting to come back?

Cash, who had tried his best to block Eden from his memory when they had a fling years earlier, was very taken aback by Eden’s appearance in town with the rest of Lyrik.

Eden wasn’t looking for anything serious at the time Cash was interested in her, so Cash had to accept that she would never feel the same way about him that he did.

After a few years have passed, Eden and the rest of Lyrik show up to play at Salt as a favor for Felicity, and Cash is happily in love with Jasmine (Sam Frost) (Jacqui Purvis).

Eden froze in place when she saw Cash, charging through the crowd and lunging at him, but he wasn’t overjoyed to see her.

Cash was devastated when Jasmine abruptly ended their relationship after deciding she was more in love with the memory of her ex-husband Robbo than she was with him.

As the weeks passed, Cash and Eden resumed their former behaviors and frequently shared beds. Cash was content to keep things informal, but Eden felt something for Cash this time, and she soon became interested in developing a romantic relationship with him. Cash, however, was unable to even entertain the possibility of dating again after believing that Jasmine was the one, especially because he and Eden had previously failed to make their relationship work.

He eventually confessed to Eden that while he would love her above all others, he was simply unable to be in a relationship right now. Finally, though, he experienced a change of heart and decided to give Eden another chance.

It just so happened that the ute Cash was supposed to be driving Felicity to her wedding in had its brakes tampered with by a bikie group.

Due to a stroke of luck, Eden, and not Cash, was driving the ute when it crashed, and she was taken to the hospital with possible brain injury.

After a week in a coma, she finally came to after suffering from selective memory loss, which caused her to forget everything about her and Cash’s emotions for one another. Cash has expressed his feelings to her and is now longing after her, but she can’t recall feeling anything other than friendship for him.

Eden has grown increasingly sorry for not being able to give Cash the response he’s expecting for despite the fact that Cash has spent countless hours by her bedside at Northern Districts Hospital.

Eden is finally discharged from the hospital this week. When Cash receives the call informing him of the situation, he rushes over to the Lyrik residence to see how she is doing. He doesn’t even consider that Eden might not want him there, and before long he is suffocating her.

He informs her, obviously wounded that she didn’t notify him, “I would’ve come pick you up, if I known you were coming home.”

He makes an effort to meet all of her needs, going to the refrigerator to prepare some food for her.

When Eden’s tolerance runs thin, she tells Cash that nothing has changed and that the incessant niceness from him is making her feel suffocated.

She queries, “What are you doing?” “There has been no change. Could you just give me the time I need, please?

Later, she approaches him at the beach while he’s lost in thought, and she seems to be apologizing for her conversation with him.

Cash inquires as to her whereabouts, telling her that she should be at home sleeping, and offers to drive her home.

She appears terrified as she experiences a flashback when he touches her arm and wonders if her memory is returning.

She appears terrified as she experiences a flashback when he touches her arm and wonders if her memory is returning.

But how reliable are these fresh memories? Does she actually feel that way?

She draws back and urges Cash to keep away once they are back in the real world, obviously overwhelmed and confused by what she is remembering.

Later, when she opens up to Remi, she says that she is recalling things, but she is unsure when Remi asks whether it is bringing back feelings for him.

Will Cash and Eden ever get a happy ending?

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