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Home and Away Spoilers – Kirby quits Lyrik and goes solo

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Coming up on Home and Away in Australia, Kirby is set to depart Lyrik as she gets a better offer from new character Forrest – is this the start of her solo career?

“There’s no I in team, but there is one in Kirby,” a new promo declares as Lyrik’s chief songwriter meets Forrest, a major label rep who has the power to transform her life forever.

Since Lyrik arrived in Summer Bay in July of last year, their lives have been tumultuous.

Lead singer Bob (Rob Mallet), bassist Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), lead guitarist Remi (Adam Rowland), and keyboardist and songwriter Kirby (Angelina Thomson) made up the band’s original lineup. However, they were left in shambles when Bob left just a few weeks after moving to the area.

When Bob and Kirby were dating, their dispute about the band’s direction resulted in Bob breaking up with Kirby and abruptly departing town, leaving the band without a lead vocalist and an undetermined future.

Theo (Matt Evans), who was at the time pursuing his TAFE diploma at Summer Bay Auto, was discovered during open auditions they had for a new frontman at Salt.

Theo subsequently abandoned his studies to devote himself to the band, but mentor Justin (James Stewart) wasn’t too disappointed because he managed to get the job of band manager.

Despite harsh cautions from Remi and Eden that combining band life with pleasure was never a smart combination, Kirby and Theo soon fell in love. They wanted to avoid another Bob issue, but in recent weeks, Kirby and Theo have broken up, and Kirby is now doing everything she can to keep a space between them.

In recent episodes, as the band was getting ready to release its record, Justin started to worry that Kirby, who had taken on more band management responsibilities, was focusing all of the publicity on Theo.

Kirby made it evident that he wasn’t comfortable serving as the band’s spokesperson, and Justin and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) soon realized that Kirby was only doing it to avenge her ex-boyfriend. The meek leader had frequently puked before shows as his anxiety got the better of him.

Theo froze as soon as the record launch came around and the throng of journalists started asking questions. Theo remained silent for a little moment when asked if joining this band was stressful because it was his first time, which prompted Kirby to speak up and respond.

Theo would soon realize that Kirby’s action was actually a premeditated attempt to gain power, despite his initial perception that it was beneficial.

He confronts her and says, “You cut me down so you could have that spotlight all on yourself.” Admit it, you want to be the band’s face.

In the second of this week’s triple bill from Down Under, Kirby receives a call that could radically alter everything.

In a brand-new preview for upcoming episodes, she is seen explaining her predicament to a non-player character.

She says, “I just got a call from a label rep for a major record label.

Elijah Williams plays Forrest, the label rep, and we’ve been anticipating his arrival since May. He believes Kirby would succeed if the rest of the band weren’t holding her back after seeing her assured performance at the album release party.

Forrest tells Kirby, “Your potential is wasted in Lyrik,” as he tries to persuade her to quit the group and launch a solo career under his management.

Given that she currently does the majority of the work for the band, Kirby gives the offer some serious thought. After all, why stay and keep the band up when she can succeed on her own?

“I mean, I handle all of the media and publicity. I write the tunes. She remarks to an unidentified person across the bar at Salt, either Mackenzie (Emily Weir) or Xander (Luke Van Os), “There is a lot of work.

She immediately phones Forrest back and says, “I have a few questions about what this solo career might look like.”

Should she depart?

According to teasers for the episode airing on Tuesday, “Kirby faces a huge life decision,” indicating that she will reflect on the label rep’s suggestion for a few episodes.

The game is then revealed via a spoiler for next Thursday’s show, which states that “the remnants of Lyrik come together.”

Without their keyboardist and songwriter, how will Theo, Remi, and Eden survive?

The actor who plays the newcomer Forrest, Elijah Williams, has actually previously appeared on the show in two episodes from 2018 as a character named Jason.

When Robbo (Jake Ryan) was being put through his paces to guarantee he could rejoin the Australian Federal Police, Jason was a fellow recruit at the training facility.

The two developed a friendly rivalry, and Jason was curious to learn about Robbo’s past.

The complete spoilers for Australia’s Home and Away episodes this week are as follows:
August 3rd, 2014 (Episodes 8087–8089)

Mali needs to mend fences with his mother. Theo suffers increased humiliation. Marilyn tries to tell Alf about her worries.

After Marilyn’s ambush, Alf has vanished. Jealousy is a result of Theo’s insecurities. When Kirby receives a call, everything might change.

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