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Home and Away spoilers: Theo’s downfall, Felicity baby twist and Bree’s ultimatum

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Next week on Home and Away, fans should anticipate a lot of turmoil.

Theo dismisses it after realizing Kirby was speaking with a police officer the previous week, having just aced his interrogation thanks to the medication. Theo is having a difficult morning when Justin shows up at the door the following morning, bursting with excitement over landing another interview with the local radio station.

Theo begins to lose it, insisting that the pills were the only reason he performed so well, and he begs Valerie for another pill so he can finish the interview. When she declines, an enraged Theo responds angrily. He instantly regrets what he said, but Valerie rushes off, clearly hurt.

Despite their prior conflict, Valerie approaches Kirby by herself. She informs her that Theo has been taken off the medication, acknowledging their shared concern for him and promising to keep him safe.

Theo ultimately makes his way back home and apologizes sincerely for his selfish outburst. Even after forgiving him, Valerie won’t give him a prescription. Theo is even more frantic as a result, and he feels helpless because of the impending live radio interview.

Valerie should provide him with the dealer’s number so he may obtain the drugs personally, he adds, adding that he recognizes the stakes Valerie has in this and will not put her in danger. Despite her dilemma, Valerie eventually gives in.

In another scene from the soap opera, Tane finds an abandoned infant on the seashore and stays by its side without either eating or sleeping. Though Mali and Mackenzie, his roommates, question whether Tane is becoming overly attached to the youngster, Tane has no intention of leaving.

Upon returning to the hospital, Tane names the baby Maia, which is the Māori word for “courage.” Then, he steps in to provide emergency foster care for the infant and devises a strategy. He tells Mali that he intends to obtain residency in order to take on the role of emergency foster caregiver for Maia.

After learning of Tane’s scheme, Felicity is devastated to see him in the hospital. Then, thinking about baby Maia, she dashes home. Felicity is determined, so she looks into the application process to become a caregiver.

A dubious-looking young man shows up at the Surf Club following the announcement of an appeal for Mariah’s mother to come forward. He turns out to be a Coastal News investigative journalist looking into the specifics of baby Maia’s case.

Alf shoos the journalist away, but he later comes up to Dana. He entices her with sweet talk, promising to buy her coffee as a thank you for her tireless efforts as a nurse throughout this entire ordeal. She is then tricked into disclosing private information, including Tane’s identity and the fact that Maia was the one who found her.

This week on Home and Away, Cash also secured a job in personal protection, which is a significant advancement from his previous position. Afterwards, he shows up at the interview location, which is a beautiful boat berthed at the pier.

Cash, who is suspicious and a little perplexed, learns that the role involves taking care of megastar actress Stevie Marlow. She informs Cash that she needs someone she can rely on to keep her safe because she has been the target of threats and stalking.

But when Cash orders her to cancel all engagements and avoid social media, the two become enraged. Afterwards, he gives up and quits his work.

Cash is astonished to see Stevie in person after being let down by the way his “interview” with him went. He eventually accepts the job to take care of her after some convincing, but Stevie won’t allow the stalker “win” and won’t do anything that could harm her professional standing.

While recovering from his wounds, Remi limps out the door to discover an incredible surprise: his bike has been completely fixed and is practically brand new! Though he’s not in the right frame of mind to resume, Kirby is thrilled to see her bandmate once more.

But when Bree witnesses Remi getting back on the same machine that nearly killed him, she throws a wrench in the gears. She tells him that motorcycle riders are referred to by emergency personnel as “organ donors” or, worse, “roadkill” for a cause. When Remi pushes back, she gives him a warning: if he goes back on that bike, they’re done.

Remi becomes enraged with Bree for issuing him with a deadline, and they engage in a heated debate. Remi laments his situation to Eden, unable to decide between what are essentially the two things he loves most in life. She gives him a different viewpoint.

He apologizes after seeing Bree outside. In the end, he loves Bree more than he loves his bike. He informs her that he will never again ride a bike and that he is hanging up his jacket. With a sense of relief, Bree and him reconcile.

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