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Home and Away star Ally Harris promises changes for Dana Matheson

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Ally Harris, a recent addition to Home and Away, has assured us that we will soon witness a different side of Dana Matheson.

Together with Jessica Redmayne, who plays Dana’s sister Harper, Harris made his debut on the Australian serial opera earlier this year.

It was soon discovered that Dana was evading the law after her ex-boyfriend Ollie had set her up for drug theft at the hospital where she worked.

The sisters had taken refuge in Summer Bay, believing that Dana, a longtime acquaintance of constable Cash Newman, could provide assistance.

While her first tale has been dark, Harris assured Stuff.nz that she will have more humorous material in the future.

“One of the directors compared it to being like a repertory theatre company where, instead of doing different plays and playing different people, it’s like you stay as Hamlet but in different genres,” Harris said.

It’s quite thrilling. I started out on the show performing something akin to a criminal, but now it’s moving toward comedy and other similar genres. It’s really entertaining to observe the same person in several contexts.”

Harris continued by saying that she has a three-year contract to play Dana and that she intends to gradually give the role more of her own personality.

“I just try to give my all at work every single time I work. Since I’ll be here for a long time, I want to be as much like myself as possible,” she remarked.

“The script dictates what I have to do, so obviously the conditions are different, but that’s amazing because it’s a great opportunity for self-exploration.

You say, ‘I wouldn’t do it, but why did I do it if I did? How come I would do that? You discover a new aspect of yourself that is capable of doing it.”

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