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Home and Away star breaks silence on soap return as he shares biggest struggle

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In Home and Away, Matt Little talked about his “emotional” comeback.

The actor has said that he will be playing VJ Patterson again, the son of the recurring character Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou). Leah and Justin’s (James Stewart) forthcoming wedding featured a promotional film that revealed VJ’s return to Summer Bay.

The 31-year-old talked about his soap opera return with Perth Now and that he enjoyed getting back together with his old co-stars. He stated: “It was amazing [working with] long time friends and it was really quite emotional to get to work with people that I haven’t worked with in a long time and I was close to.”

Matt said that the hardest thing for him to do was to keep viewers from learning any specifics regarding Leah and Justin’s special day. Bosses instructed him, “Don’t say anything on social media.”

Fans haven’t seen VJ since 2017. In order to keep his daughter, Luc, away from her biological father, he was obliged to leave Australia.

Billie Ashford, played by Tessa de Josselin, was the ex-wife of VJ. She passed away from lung cancer despite being given only a few days to live. Luc was her daughter. Keeping Luc away from Mick (Kristian Schmid), who sexually assaulted Billie, VJ reared Luc as his own.

Not only is VJ coming back, but Penny McNamee is playing Tori Morgan again. In 2016, Tori, her brother Justin, and their two other siblings moved to Summer Bay. Along with her daughter Grace and spouse Christian Green (Ditch Davey), the doctor said goodbye to Summer Bay in 2021.

VJ is shown escorting his mother down the aisle in the promo. After exchanging vows, Tori is seen flinging confetti as Justin and Leah make their way back down the aisle. Although UK viewers will have to wait a little longer to see Justin and Leah get married, it will be much-needed as the couple has been going through a trying time lately.

Leah found it difficult to recover from the horrific experience of being abducted and thought to be dead by the cult Vita Nova. She started to lose her sense of reality due to the dreams, and she became sure that Justin was involved with the cult.

She checked herself into a mental hospital after making a knife-wielding threat on her fiancé. After Leah returned to Summer Bay, the pair is making an effort to mend their relationship, but they still have a long way to go.

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