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Home and Away star Emily Weir explains why she spoke out over alcohol problems

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“I am in pursuit of the truth.”

The Home and Away actress Emily Weir has been open about her past alcoholism and how she is currently “pursuing truth.”

Weir joins the Australian serial opera in 2019 as Mackenzie Booth and is now seen on the local Dancing with the Stars competition.

The reason she has spoken so publicly about her alcohol problems is because “being open” is the best way to be, she said, when discussing the dancing program with PerthNow.

“I seek the truth,” she declared. I conduct myself in an open manner.

“I constantly have to remember that there is a thin line between secrecy and privacy,” continued Weir. By telling my tale honestly as I can, it is how I discover more about myself.

The celebrity thanked her mum for standing by her in both good and terrible times.

I owe my mother for it. I’ve always had a voice. She claimed that because I have many questions, raising me has been difficult, Weir stated.

She had previously stated that she used alcohol as a form of “self-medication with red wine” in order to deal with her nervousness.

The celebrity was able to change her situation and take responsibility for the issue with the aid of AA and a counselor, allowing her to move past it and move on.

She acknowledged in her interview that having a strong support system on her side also aided in her recovery.

Life is a wild trip, and you can’t truly go through it alone, she continued. The most valuable lesson I took away from my healing process was to reach out. I don’t like to request assistance from others. As I’ve become older, I’ve come to realize that’s the only way to move forward. Be as forthcoming as you can. You cannot become so ill if you are telling the truth. That is what I think.

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