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Home and Away star Ethan Browne reveals he nearly played another character

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Before being granted the role of Tane Parata on the soap opera, Home and Away actor Ethan Browne confessed that he almost played a different character.

According to Rob Kipa-Williams, who has since departed the serial after his character died of cancer, Browne was initially invited in to audition for the role of Ari, Tane’s older brother, on Home and Away.

Browne claims that while attending Nida, Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts, he managed to get the Home and Away audition.

Tane didn’t exist, Browne remarked. “We want you to read for a new character named Tane, he’s the younger brother of Ari,” the callback stated.

Browne admitted feeling scared by the number of renowned people he met at his audition after getting the call.

He stated of the procedure, “I’d grown up watching these people and I thought, ‘I’m way out of my league here’.” Browne, who is from the New Zealand town of Wairoa, learned that he had been selected for the role a few days later.

As a member of the first-ever Mori family on Home and Away, Browne admits it still seems strange even after four years on the serial.

“It’s still strange to me. It never occurred to me that it would. When I was younger, I had several aspirations, but the one I always desired the most was to be in a movie. Coming from an area like Wairoa, I never imagined it would be feasible.

“Even though it’s my favourite place in the entire world, it feels impossibly far due of its location. You can return to your childhood dreams in adulthood even though you may have drifted away from them.

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