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Home and Away star Harley Bonner teases dramatic rescue scenes in the show’s return week

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When Home and Away returns to UK screens next week, star Harley Bonner spoke to Digital Spy about the dramatic scenes in store for his character Logan Bennett.

The show’s UK conclusion in November left fans on a massive cliffhanger, with Tane Parata’s stalker endangering all of the guests at Martha Stewart’s mental health event.

Tane’s mysterious assailant drugged his drink at the local gym and knocked him out. The unidentified villain then used a chemical sprayer to spray a toxic material into Salt, which entered through the building’s air vents.

Rescue teams arrive and remove Tane (Ethan Browne) out of the building when the show returns next week. Logan and Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) rush to the scene to treat Tane despite the risk of cross-contamination.

Harley told Digital Spy: “It was really exciting to film the high-stakes scenes at Salt. It’s not your typical day in the Bay and there were lots of big fire trucks.

“It’s amazing to film dramatic scenes like this. It gives Logan and me a real sense of purpose in the emergency scenes. It’s a fun balance to find between the professional and jovial human. The scale slides. I enjoy it thoroughly.

“The difference for Logan now that he’s treating friends and neighbors is that, as a trauma surgeon, he’s not used to seeing his patients months after he’s treated them.” As a result, he’ll have to make some alterations. He’s not immune to the effects.”

He continued: “I’m sure Logan considers the risk to himself before treating Tane, but he is certainly not a risk-averse individual, he might even be the opposite.

“He doesn’t seem to give much thought to his own wellbeing in any circumstances.”

Logan continues to supervise Tane’s emergency care later at the hospital. Logan is adamant about getting Tane’s heart pumping again after he passes out, despite Jasmine’s advice to call a time of death.

Harley added: “Logan isn’t a fan of failure, and he cares deeply for people. He couldn’t live with the ‘what if?'”

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