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Home and Away star hospitalised with head injury after ’embarrassing’ accident

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After a “embarrassing” mishap, Tammin Sursok, star of Home and Away, was admitted to the hospital with a head injury. The actress gained notoriety in the Australian serial opera from 2000 to 2004 when she played Dani Sutherland.

On Thursday, March 28, Tammin, 40, sent her followers an update on Instagram. As she described what had occurred to her, she shared a picture of herself in a neck brace while laying in a hospital bed.

“For reference, please view the video before reading this post. Things I’ve discovered over the past two days,” she started her long post. Tammin continued by listing five lessons she has discovered since her injury.

One can sustain a concussion by performing even the most foolish things. In addition, you may need to demonstrate or explain what you were doing to the doctor when it occurs. Furthermore, it can be the most humiliating experience of your life,” she said.

“2- Keep an eye out for signs because concussions can occur 24 hours after you do that foolish thing. 3. CT scans have an oddly calming effect and can induce sleep when used with antiemetic drugs.

4-The ER is like a brief vacation when you have tiny children. 5. Neck braces help me sleep straight, so maybe I’ll bring one with me for the trip,” she continued.

“Thanks for all the well wishes.. feeling slightly better,” Tammin wrote as she wrapped up her message. Just a battered ego and brain. I did, in fact, have a brain, the scan revealed. That’s good, then. #funnyaccident #concussionawareness #er.”

The Home and Away actress also shared a humorous video on social media that included more information on the mishap, which happened after she fell from her bed while attempting to record a video.

Many of her fans revealed they could identify to her “embarrassing” accident as they came to wish her well. Someone remarked, “Oh, I completely understand! After walking on some cardboard and spraining my ankle, I shattered my little toe a week later. But I hope all is OK with you.”

“Get well soon! “Btw, that was a hilarious video. I appreciate the giggles and the unexpected heart attack,” wrote another. Someone else wrote: “Rest up hope your feeling better soon fyi your video was gold until you hurt yourself.”

One wrote, “Why does this make me love you even more.” The fourth one. One of Tammin’s five fans said, “I’m so sorry that occurred. Later on, it will be a humorous narrative that also serves as a warning. I’m happy that you’re feeling better.

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