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Home and Away star Juliet Godwin opens up over real-life relationship

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Actress Juliet Godwin of Home and Away has talked openly about her relationship with boyfriend Sam Masters.

She discussed how she met Sam at a party and got him to like her in an interview with Adelaide Now. About 18 months have passed since the pair started dating.

“He was unable to resist my amazing 1970s dance moves. I demonstrated my proficiency with the sprinkler to him, and the rest is history “She spoke.

Juliet also expressed her gratitude for how distinct her relationship from that of her Home and Away character, Dr. Bree Cameron, is in real life.

Bree’s abusive marriage has been known to viewers. She bravely reported her violent ex-boyfriend Jacob to the police, who then issued a restriction on his contact with her.

Many women, she continued, “live in a world where that is reality.” That information helped to remind me that I am only acting in a role for which I am paid.

Remi will shortly issue a warning to Jacob to leave Bree alone when he disobeys the command to try to intimidate her, as seen on Home and Away in the UK.

Due to her trauma from Jacob’s mind games, Bree also struggles to accept assistance from Remi, who professes his love for her. What will Bree, Remi, and Jacob do next?

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