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Home and Away star Lynne McGranger spills on late-night Logies wardrobe disaster

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‘Oh no … what am I going to do?’

Lynne McGranger of Home and Away had a fantastic Logies night, and not just because her show won the Logie for Most Popular Drama.

Aside from the prized award, the Australian TV industry legend will remember the event for another, wholly unrelated reason.

Following a brief visit at the Logies afterparty, the beloved actress, who plays Irene Roberts on the long-running show, returned to her hotel room to retire for the night.

Unfortunately for Lynne, her dress had different ideas.

“I realised I couldn’t undo myself when I got back to the room,” she tells 7Life.

“When I noticed that the top of my dress was boned, I thought, ‘Oh no, s***, what am I going to do?’

“I was about to call our publicist and have someone come up and undo me when I heard someone out in the corridor and ran out.”

“When I saw a door close and realised it was housekeeping, I thought, ‘Oh, that’s good, a lady will help me get out of it!'”

“However, a man came out and said, ‘Oh, I know you!'”

“And I said, ‘Yeah, well, you’re about to get to know me a lot better!'” Could you kindly unzip this top?’

“He went, ‘sure!’

“I mean, I made sure it was in the corridor, so he undid me, I thanked him and he said, ‘I love the show!’

“This was about one o’clock in the morning, mind you.”

On the subject of her outfit, Lynne said she had really wanted to wear something fun and bright for the occasion.

After meeting celebrity stylist Danny Gallela to discuss a mother of the bride outfit for her daughter’s upcoming wedding, he introduced her to the designer Diane Lewis.

“I don’t like wearing black or white, because I’m an accident waiting to happen if I wear white,” she jokes.

“I was thinking yellow, but then Diane came downstairs with a swatch of this gorgeous chartreuse, and I went, ‘oh my god, I love it!’

“I wanted a pantsuit, but with a bit of glamour up the top.”

Lynne accessorised the two-piece with a feathery purple handbag and matching purple heels.

“I thought the whole look was a knockout, and I fell in love with it,” she explained.

“I was overjoyed and felt fantastic in it.”

“I could go to the toilet in it, which is always a big plus at the Logies.”

So, how did she feel the next day after a night of awards, after-parties, and wardrobe malfunctions?

“Well, it’s the longest I’ve been sober at a Logies,” she says, laughing.

“Even though Home and Away was up for a nomination in the second segment, I still had to be nice for the later presentation, and then continue to be nice if I won the Silver Logie (for Most Popular Actress, which went to Kitty Flanagan).”

“I didn’t want to be the one who faceplants onto the stage because I’m only half shot.”

Having noted that she has a tendency to spill things on white clothing, the question had to be asked – did she spill anything on her chartreuse outfit?

“I did manage to spill an entire glass of soda water on it, but it just kind of ran off, because the material wasn’t porous,” she reveals.

“And (fellow Home and Away star) Shane Withington was madly trying to sponge me down.

“It must have looked incredibly inappropriate!

“But fortunately it didn’t show up when I got up to present an award.

“I’m glad I didn’t have a glass of red wine anywhere near me, though.”

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