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Home and Away star Shane Withington warns of new disaster storyline

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Star of Home and Away Shane Withington has hinted that his character may have a “catastrophe” soon.

The Australian actor who is most known for portraying John Palmer on the soap opera has revealed that a deadly storyline involving a lot of fake blood will soon be featured on the program.

In an interview with the Welcome To The Bay podcast on February 4, he admitted, “I’ve just realised that I’m covered in blood, fake blood [from filming].”

He went on: “Today’s a big day. I just looked at myself, and there is a lot of [blood]. I recently had to take a shower since I was covered with disaster-related garbage.”

The actor could not disclose much further about this “big day,” but he did state that Irene Roberts, who is portrayed by Lynne McGranger, is engaged in some way.

While Withington withheld further information regarding this particular story aspect, he did indicate a conflict between Kyle Shilling’s character Mali Hudson and newcomer John.

“There’s a nice jealousy thing where John gets extremely envious, but I can’t really say more than that. Mali, the new character, is a handsome young man, “explained the actor.

Playing it was a tremendous delight.

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