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Home and Away star Tammin Sursok explains hospitalisation

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Tammin Sursok of Home and Away has talked candidly about her recent hospital stay.

The actress, who gained recognition for playing Dani Sutherland in the Summer Bay soap opera from 2000 to 2004, disclosed on Instagram yesterday, March 28, that she had suffered a concussion as a result of falling off a bed headfirst while filming a comedy clip.

In the video, Sursok made fun of newborn-baby picture shoots by posing in absurd ways while being covered in a towel up to her neck.

“Lessons I’ve learned in the past two days,” she wrote next to a selfie wearing a neck brace.

“1. Even the most foolish actions can result in concussions. In addition, you may need to demonstrate or explain what you were doing to the doctor when it occurs. And that might be the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done.”

“Concussions can happen 24 hours after you do that stupid thing, so watch for symptoms,” was what she wrote in her next bullet point. When antiemetic medication is administered during a CT scan, the unusually calming procedure can induce sleep. With tiny children, the emergency room is like a little getaway. I might bring a neck brace home for the flight because they help me sleep straight.”

“I’m feeling a little better,” Sursok continued, “thanks for all the well wishes.” Just a battered ego and brain. I did, in fact, have a brain, the scan revealed. That’s good, then.

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