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Home and Away stars Ada Nicodemou and Matt Little delight fans with adorable throwback footage

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A few tense episodes were reenacted by the performers as VJ gets ready to go to his mother Leah’s third wedding.

Ada Nicodemou, who plays her son in the popular Channel 7 soap Home and Away, and Matt Little, have thrilled fans by sharing some old footage together.

From 2014 to 2017, Matt portrayed VJ, the on-screen son of Ada’s character Leah Patterson-Baker.

In order to accompany his mother as she marries Justin Morgan (James Stewart), he has returned to Summer Bay.

Penny McNamee’s beloved character Tori Morgan, also known as Justin’s sister, is making a comeback.

Ada and Matt are reliving moments from his first stint on the show while lounging on a couch in a cute video that was uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday.

Over the scenes, the two are chatting and offering a lighthearted and lively commentary like to that of Gogglebox.

Ada said in the video’s title, “So excited that my on-screen son is returning to Home and Away to walk me down the aisle… again,” alluding to the fact that this was the third marriage for her character.

I felt it was appropriate to go on a walk down memory lane.

“Part 2 will be released soon.”

“Who is this guy?” In the video, Ada points at Matt and says.

“VJ is here! It’s Matt, then. Matt, what are we doing?

He smiles and says, “Well, we’re going to watch some of our old scenes.”

The performers then proceeded to reenact, while seated on the couch, the opening scene from one of Leah’s prior weddings.

In a another clip, Ada tells Matt he looks “like a baby” because she is so shocked by how young he looks.

A brawl breaks out in the scene after one of VJ’s school pals refers to his mother as a “S**g.”

“Gosh, I’d punch him too. Nice job, VJ!” Ada states, “No, violence does NOT solve things,” before continuing.

She continues, gesturing to the camera, “Kids, do not punch people out!”

“But also, youngsters, please stop calling moms “S**gs.”

The funny video was a hit with viewers, who expressed their excitement for Matt and VJ to come back to Summer Bay.

One fan said, “Aww VJ, it’s amazing to see him back on the show after so long.”

Another said, “The crush I had and still have on this guy.”

“This is just outstanding! Bravo, VJ! A third person voiced their opinion.

In the show, VJ runs away from Summer Bay following a spectacular kidnapping incident.

He told 7Life that he felt a little “strange” at first about returning to the show at the age of 31, but that soon passed and he blended in like no time had passed.

“I spent a lot of time thinking about what VJ would look like in 2024,” he remarked.

“But I think I understood that my character was more of a guide to that, and to bring a bit of the truth to those moments, because it’s a story more centered around Ada and Jimmy (James Stewart).”

The actor, who was 21 when he started the show, now claims that Ada was a kind and giving mentor.

“Ada recognized the significance of our relationship, so she saw it as crucial to establish trust and foster a positive bond between us—basically, as mother and son,” he remarked.

She was cautious but kind, making sure that I had a strong work ethic and that our relationship was going well.

In order to maintain the sense of a familial bond, it was pleasant to sort of bring those earlier stories and characters back.

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