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Friday, September 22, 2023

Home and Away to air devastating Felicity Newman storyline

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There’s an upsetting incident at Battle of the Bands.

Next week, disturbing images from Home and Away will air on UK television as Felicity Newman learns she has been sexually raped after having her drink poisoned at a music festival.

At a Battle of the Bands competition, Felicity is rooting for her pals Kirby Aramoana, Remi Carter, Eden Fowler, and Theo Poulos when someone spikes her drink.

In the next scenes, Mercedes de Silva, a gifted violinist, and Lyrik collaborate to give them the best opportunity of winning the competition.

Bree Cameron and Felicity Cameron both go to the party and enjoy the music, but when they’re dancing together, Felicity’s drink becomes spiked with narcotics.

Felicity goes outside to get some fresh air when she starts to feel ill. Felicity falls unconscious while stumbling down the steps before she can get to the evacuation door.

Later, Lyrik celebrates taking home the contest’s audience award. They notice Felicity’s absence but incorrectly believe she is on her way to meet up with Tane Parata, who has just returned from a trip to New Zealand.

When Felicity regains consciousness and rejoins her friends, it’s clear that something is seriously wrong. Eden and Bree rush in to get her the help she needs.

At the hospital, Felicity tells Bree and Eden that she thinks she was sexually assaulted after she lost consciousness.

Felicity insists that she doesn’t want the police to be involved, but she does allow Bree to perform a forensic exam. Afterwards, Felicity breaks down in Eden’s arms.

In the aftermath, Felicity accepts support from Tane, Eden and also later confides in her brother Cash.

Support from everyone later encourages Felicity to visit the police station to make a statement about what happened. Will the perpetrator be found and brought to justice?

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