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Home and Away to air sad split for Kirby Aramoana and Theo Poulos

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Theo Poulos and Kirby Aramoana will part ways in a heated manner in a tragic episode of Home and Away.

The relationship between the two has been strained lately because Kirby feels betrayed by Theo after he sided with Remi in regards to preparations for their band, Lyrik.

Theo hasn’t just been thinking about that, though; he has also been feeling terrible after Andrew was punished by the Vita Nova cult as a result of a social media post that Theo made.

Theo makes an effort to make things right by breaking into Cash’s home in order to get the cult’s address. Other Summer Bay residents see his agitated state, and Justin begs him to think about what he’s doing after Felicity saw something was off.

Later, Justin notices that Theo has stopped returning Kirby’s calls and implores him to make an effort to mend fences. Theo consents to their meeting, but she hasn’t yet recovered from being abandoned at the Battle of the Bands competition.

They decide to spend the night apart because the meeting did not go well for their relationship because Kirby thought Theo was paying more attention to Andrew than to her. The next morning, Theo shows up to her place of employment to suggest that they take a longer break, but Kirby shocks him by telling him that they are officially over.

She lashes out at Mali, who is about to reunite with Rose, after going out for drinks with Rose. Will Kirby and Theo be able to work things out, or are they truly over?

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