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Home and Away trailer teases huge backlash over Mac and Levi being caught out

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A new teaser trailer for Home and Away has been published, hinting at the backlash following Mackenzie Booth and Levi Fowler’s discovery.

Unbeknownst to Levi’s wife Imogen, he and his patient Mac have been having an affair after falling in love.

Next week, when Mac learns that Levi and Imogen intend to raise a family together, things will become even more confusing, leaving her unsure of what to do.

A brand-new teaser for Australian audiences now depicts Levi’s sister Eden learning about the affair after she witnesses him and Mac having an affair.

Inadvertently, Eden had already contributed to the concealment of her brother’s extramarital affair. Imogen believed Levi was at work when he told her he was spending time with Eden, thus Eden believed the lie and went along with it.

Scenes that will show in the UK in a few weeks depict Eden being enraged at witnessing the couple sharing a kiss, asking her brother, “Are you kidding me? You are a liar who cheats.”

She chastises Levi for having an affair with one of his patients. When he confesses to her that he is in love with Mac, she reminds him that he has a wife who adores him, which makes him fear that Eden will tell Imogen everything.

The teaser in the movie suggests that “friends will become enemies” and that the dramatic aftermath from Levi and Mac’s affair would “drive a wedge through The Bay”.

In addition to being upset with her brother, Eden also confronts Mali Hudson about his continued allegiance to Mac and Levi and his prolonged concealment of their relationship.

When he asks, “Have we got a problem?” Eden responds, “You’re giving my cheating brother a place to stay.” You told me a falsehood.”

Felicity Newman, Mac’s business partner, is also against her, saying that she behaved inappropriately after learning of the affair.

“A man in marriage. She tells Mac, “It’s unbelievable that you would go there,” and then, “It’s unbelievable that you can live with yourself.”

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