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Home and Away trouble for Remi as new character Mercedes arrives

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Remi Carter from Home and Away will have difficulties as a result of the debut of Mercedes, a new character who is dubbed “hell on wheels.”

The prospect of competing in a Battle of the Bands with his band Lyrik excites Remi. He is depressed, though, because his girlfriend Bree doesn’t seem to give a damn.

Later, when Dr. Bree informs Remi that she had lost a patient that day, Remi regrets using so much of Bree’s time, attention, and energy with his band’s and their rivals’ competition.

They both acknowledge that they come from different worlds and assure one another that as long as they keep that in mind, their relationship will be pleasant. Theo and Kirby’s separation has caused stress in the band, but Remi arranges a band meeting without knowing it.

However, it appears that tension may increase as Remi confides in Bree that he hasn’t yet told the others that he’s hired a violinist to perform alongside them at the Battle of the Bands competition.

When Eden later finds out that the violinist is a woman called Mercedes DaSilva, who is a figure from Lyrik’s past, she is consumed by anger. She tells her bandmates not to trust Mercedes, who she says has “zero moral compass”.

Remi thinks all is going well and he and Bree get back to their romantic bliss, determined not to let their differences affect them.

However, Bree is taken aback when she sees Mercedes embrace Remi in a hug that makes her think twice about this new character. Bree asks Remi how close the two of them are, but Remi assures her it’s just about the music: “There is nothing for you to worry about.”

Is Bree right to be concerned?

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