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Home and Away villain Angie Russell now – second secret role to brothel confession

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One of Home and Away’s most iconic villains Angie Russell had the world on the edge of their seats as she blackmailed, threatened and seduced her way around Summer Bay.

Angie Russell, the resident “super bitch” of Home and Away, had everyone on the edge of their seats when she was appointed Summer Bay’s deputy principal.

When she revealed that Dylan, her kid, was Rhys’ child from a one-night affair while he was still married to Shelley, she immediately caused mayhem for the Sutherlands.

Angie went on to set the boatshed on fire and accuse Nick of sexual assault before being discovered for seducing one of her students and blackmailing Josh.

Fans everywhere rejoiced when she was ultimately murdered—and by her son Dylan, no less. Laurie Foell, an actress, is currently where?

Secret second Home and Away role

Many people are unaware that Angie wasn’t Laurie’s first time playing a Summer Bay character; she also made another appearance after Angie’s passing.

Although Laurie is most remembered for her role as Angie from 2002 to 2004, she really visited Summer Bay in her daughter Tasha’s dream while a ghost.

Not only that. In 1999, Laurie played the supporting role of Kelly McCane on the Channel 5 soap opera.

The fact that Laurie returned in 2005 to portray Jacinta “Josie” Russell, Angie’s much better cousin, should not come as a surprise to the ardent fan.

Brothel confession

Laurie acknowledged using “totally distinct approaches” for the characters of Josie and Angie in an interview with Back to the Bay.

And the changeover was “tricky,” requiring Laurie to go through several phases of research for the new character, who had previously been a call girl.

It was difficult to create a distinct figure from what soap writer Bevan Lee had suggested, she said as she sat down with him. He told me in a meeting before I started back that we would bring you back as a former call lady.

“As it turned out, I discovered three call ladies who were employed in Sydney! When I called brothels, everyone thought I was crazy.

Finally, a brothel’s receptionist who was a major fan of the show fixed me up to have dinner with three call girls, and that’s how Josie became involved!

The distinction between Laurie’s two major characters, according to Laurie, is that “Angie was so mad and wicked that you can’t not love her – I loved being so wild!

Josie, however, is someone I adore because she’s so fallible and human.

‘Regretted’ exit

Laurie wasn’t happy with how she exited the show as Josie – confessing her last episode was “a bit tepid”.

She explained to Back to the Bay: “It was a bit of a regret actually.

“I was so exhausted by the time that we filmed that, because Josie had had such big storylines, that the exit was a bit tepid.

“In hindsight, I would have taken that up [with the writers], but I was just too tired at that stage because of the heavy storylines – I think I’d had about 6 of them in a row and I was just on the point of nervous exhaustion.”

She said back in 2005 that her relationship with Seven network was “really good”, with things left open for her to return eventually.

Rival soap fame

Since leaving her respective roles at Home and Away, Laurie has held various other roles in everything from Cops LAC to TV movie Reckless Behaviour: Caught on Tape.

She also found fame in Australian soap All Saints back in 2002 as Stacey Fowler.

Her last role came as a nurse in 2015 flick Women He’s Undressed.

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