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Home and Away: Ziggy fears something is wrong with baby Izzy!

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Ziggy and Dean from Home And Away have had a tough time adjusting to life as new parents.

This week, when baby Izzy seems ill, they are put to the test once more.

Recent episodes have shown that Sophie Dillman’s character, mechanic Ziggy, has trouble connecting with her little daughter as a result of her lack of sleep.

But now, she’s beginning to understand it.

Despite the tiny efforts she is taking, she is becoming more confident.

According to Sophie, 30, “It’s a very accurate picture of what occurs to many new mothers — they’re fatigued, anxious, terrified, and hormonal.”

I truly feel honored to share this experience. Superheroes are women.

Ziggy feels uneasy when Izzy becomes unusually fussy.

Dean is encouraging but is concerned that his partner might be behaving too strongly.

Ziggy, however, is unyielding and takes her infant right away to the hospital.

Doctors initially send them home because they are unable to diagnose Izzy’s condition and believe Ziggy is being unduly anxious.

Izzy, however, did not become any quieter over night.

The following day, Ziggy marches back into the hospital and commands the personnel to perform a complete examination.

Ziggy is under stress, and Doctor Bree (Juliet Godwin) offers to help. Test results reveal that Izzy has a slight gastro bug, proving that her mother’s worries were justified.

Motherhood, according to Sophie, “changes Ziggy in every aspect.”

She and Dean are currently living for this exquisite little thing rather than for themselves.

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