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Home and Away’s Andrew Lawrence faces disturbing punishments in cult storyline

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The following week on UK television, cult leader Margot Dafoe viciously torments Andrew Lawrence from Home and Away.

After being drawn back to the property utilised by Vita Nova, the doomsday preppers group his late father belonged to, Andrew faces a difficult situation.

In upcoming episodes of Channel 5, a mystery woman who claims to be Esther, Andrew’s mother, appears in Summer Bay. Andrew is persuaded to move in with her by her.

Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan bid Andrew a tearful farewell, but police officer Cash Newman quickly learns that the woman in question was a fake.

The next week, Cash is reprimanded at work for not thoroughly checking the woman’s account before letting Andrew go.

The cruel leader of Vita Nova, Margot, was actually Esther, as Cash then informs Justin.

Cash has Justin in a rage because of the serious error he made. To have the best chance of getting Andrew back, however, both men quickly know that they will need to continue collaborating.

At the Vita Nova facility, Andrew must endure some severe “punishments” for distancing himself from the group.

Margot makes Andrew perform some taxing workouts since she thinks he was too easily influenced by the outside world.

Margot confines Andrew in a cell and blasts loud metal music, further tormenting Andrew.

Cash discovers the location of the cult compound and teams up with Justin to sneak a visit there.

When Cash and Justin demand to see Andrew, scheming Margot happily obliges.

Justin breaks the news that they’ve found Andrew’s sister and there’s still hope for him on the outside world.

However, a brainwashed Andrew leaves Cash and Justin horrified by announcing that he’s happy where he is and refuses to leave.

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