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Home and Away’s Andrew Lawrence shares dark fears after rescue

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Justin and Theo try to reassure him.

Andrew Lawrence of Home and Away refuses to accept that his sinister cult ordeal will end on UK screens next week.

After being rescued by Justin Morgan and the police, the troubled kid begins to doubt his own safety.

The Vita Nova story comes to a climax this week when Justin makes a third and final attempt to bring Andrew back home from the cult compound.

While following out his plan, Justin is hurt when one of the cult members fires an arrow at him. Fortunately, the police arrive quickly and rescue Justin and Andrew, as well as bring the Vita Nova crooks to justice.

Leah Patterson informs Justin the following week that she wants Andrew to stay with them permanently. However, there are early indications that Andrew is beginning to doubt his future in the Bay.

Andrew confides in Leah’s nephew Theo Poulos, warning him that Vita Nova members are still on the loose and that he could be in danger.

Leah intervenes to comfort Andrew that no one will harm them, but Theo is horrified when he discovers the teen guarding the house in the middle of the night while wielding a kitchen knife to protect himself.

Andrew later vanishes with the knife and prepares to flee the Bay to protect Justin, Leah, and Theo. Theo stops Andrew on his way and encourages him to stay.

Andrew arrives home, where Theo and Justin warn him about the dangers of carrying a knife. When Andrew eventually hands it over, the two are relieved.

Rose Delaney, a local police constable, later appears. Justin and Leah hope she will set Andrew’s mind at ease, but she accomplishes the opposite by confessing that she cannot guarantee his safety because the majority of Vita Nova members will not be charged.

Justin, desperate to keep Andrew from leaving again, pledges to install security cameras at the house to give him piece of mind – but will this be enough?

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