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Home and Away’s Dean and Ziggy reveal baby name

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In Australia, Dean and Ziggy finally revealed the name of their newborn child on tonight’s episode of Home and Away.

These scenes will start airing in the UK in late March.

In the Australian episodes from last week, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) gave birth to a baby girl. However, while Summer Bay has been excited to meet the child and discover her name, the new mother has been struggling.

A three-episode tonight tripleheader highlighted Ziggy’s difficulties as a mother.

While observing the ease with which Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and his mother Karen (Georgia Adamson) were able to calm the baby, she found it difficult to form a relationship to her child and grew increasingly upset when she was unable to settle her.

Dean and Ziggy have also been having trouble coming up with a name for the baby girl. While Dean informed Ziggy that in Mangrove River, where he grew up, a baby inheriting their mother’s surname was a sure sign that the dad was a loser who had left town, they had already decided on a surname — Thompson — but a first name was proving to be a challenge.

However, Ziggy was so preoccupied with caring for her child that a name was the least of her worries.

Ziggy was sitting on the edge of the bed as Dean and Karen were watching the baby in the farmhouse living room when they thought she was asleep. She was trying to build an attachment, was worn out from having to get up every few hours to feed the baby, and was now feeling absolutely overpowered.

Dean finally had an epiphany. He took a collection of breast pumps to Yabbie Creek so Ziggy could express milk into bottles. This allowed Dean to assume more responsibility and, perhaps, allowed Zig to sleep more because she didn’t constantly have to get up when the baby needed to be fed.

However, when the pressure mounted, this was insufficient to relieve Ziggy’s discomfort, and she vanished.

When Dean returned after temporarily leaving Ziggy to watch the infant while he went to the bathroom, Ziggy was nowhere to be found. A look of fear could be seen on his face as he rushed outside into the garden and yelled her name after quickly realizing that she wasn’t simply taking a break somewhere in the home.

In response to his plea for help, the entire community of Summer Bay joined the hunt. Newcomer Mali (Kyle Shilling) drove about in his camper van looking for her, while Constable Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marilier) eventually called the station to report her missing.

With the help of Maz (Emily Simons), Irene (Lynne McGranger), and Roo (Georgie Parker), Dean was able to carry on with his hunt without having to worry about his infant at the same time. The new father was reluctant to leave his child with “strangers,” but he eventually gave in and kept looking for Ziggy urgently.

When Justin (James Stewart) went to the garage to deal with a delivery, he ultimately discovered the missing mother. He was astonished to see Ziggy dozing off in a customer’s car when he opened the shutters.

Ziggy was still asleep in the garage when Dean arrived there. She was gently roused by Dean, and as soon as she realized what she had done, she asked him anxiously where the child was.

She acknowledged that she needed a break and apologized for frightening him, but it wasn’t until she had a heart-to-heart with Irene shortly after that that she openly discussed how challenging motherhood was for her.

Ziggy said, “Dean’s getting it right. “I can’t feed or soothe the baby, but he’s found it so easy to bond with her. She cries every time I approach her.

What if having this child was a terrible idea and I’m a horrible mother? Ziggy enquired. “I simply want to be good enough for her because I love her so much.”

She was comforted by Irene that her emotions were perfectly natural and that she had all faith in Ziggy’s ability to get through it. It appeared like Ziggy’s heart-to-heart with her was exactly what she needed to feel better.

Later, as Dean and Ziggy retired to the farmhouse, Ziggy had some good news: “Isabella” had been chosen as the baby’s name.

It was soon abbreviated to Izzy by Dean, who loved it.

The name was chosen because, according to Ziggy, “Dad would adore it because it’s Italian and after a pro surfer.”

Ziggy grinned and said, “Izzy Thompson.” It’s adorable, but also elegant for when she’s older.

Dean, though, had a superior thought.

He said, “How about Izzy Astoni-Thompson.”

Before making their decision and officially welcoming Izzy Astoni-Thompson to Summer Bay, Ziggy advised that they consult the infant.

Dean had to return to the board shop at the end of the episode, and both he and Ziggy wished they could spend more time together without work getting in the way.

Dean had a proposal for Mali when he later showed up with his new love interest Rose (Kirsty Marilier), who has been helping Dean out by running the shop and taking over his surf lessons. Dean asked Mali if he could take over running the board shop permanently so Dean would have more time to spend at home with Zig.

Mali was hesitant since she felt it would be a significant commitment, but it became evident that she was considering the offer when Dean warned that she would probably shut down the business completely if she declined.

Could this be the start of the couple’s leaving storyline with Dean ready to be released from his duties at the board shop and the new parents obviously needing some extra support?

Since fans observed actors Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor filming scenes in which they drove off in a car packed full of their characters’ possessions, Dean and Ziggy’s departure from Summer Bay has been rumored.

Since then, Patrick has dyed his hair blonde and Sophie is rocking a new ginger style. Both actresses have exhibited major hair alterations.

The two may go in upcoming episodes, while drastic look changes don’t necessarily portend a departure. Rather, the modifications occurring so soon after the filming of their rumored farewell moments might.

Are we about to say goodbye to Dean, Ziggy and baby Izzy?

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