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Home and Away’s Emily Symons floors fans in throwback snap as fans praise ageless beauty

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Home and Away fans were stunned after seeing an old photo of Emily Symons as her iconic character Marilyn Chambers taken from scenes of the soap which aired in the late 80s

Fans of Home and Away were taken aback when they saw a flashback photo of soap legend Emily Symons.

The actress, 53, made her debut as Marilyn Chambers in 1989, the same year the Channel 5 soap debuted, and it’s safe to say her appearance has altered dramatically.

One fan submitted a screenshot of Marilyn when she first featured in Summer Bay to the Seven Facebook page after returning to watch classic episodes of the serial.
Emily looked radically different in the photo, with her huge haircut, massive earrings, and thick makeup.

“LIVING for these classic Home and Away episodes, Marilyn’s hair!!!” the group member said in the caption. I really wish I wasn’t so emotionally invested in each episode!

“It’s difficult when each episode is about a year after the one before it, so they’re all different characters and storylines!!” But I’m still enjoying it!!”

Fans flocked to the comments section to express their feelings about the shot, with one praising the actress for her ageless beauty and writing, “She looks much better now lol.”

While others branded the dramatic look “cringe” as someone added: “Did somebody lose their mop? I bet she cringes when looking back at those ‘do’s.”

“Back then though big hair was in and everyone had fluffy hair,” shared a third person.

While another fan agreed: “Yep, no one ‘ironed’ their hair then. It was the time of mousse and gel. Think Effie”.

Marilyn has received threats in recent weeks after openly speaking out against the unethical cosmetics firm Stunning Organics.

Marilyn was disturbed after receiving a threatning voicemail urging her and her pals to “watch their backs” during Thursday’s show (July 13).

As Rose tried to figure out who made the call, she disclosed to a terrified Marilyn that the caller ID had been tampered with, implying that the person on the other end went to considerable measures to conceal their identity.

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