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Home and Away’s explosive kidnap plots – held hostage by son to left for dead in desert

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Andrew Lawrence has just left Summer Bay and is unaware he is being groomed to join the infamous Vita Nova cult, but this certainly isn’t the first time a Home and Away character has been held hostage

Andrew Lawrence (Joshua Hewson) of Home and Away just bid farewell to Summer Bay with the lady he believes to be his mother.

Andrew was apprehensive at first when Esther Lawrence (Mandy McElhinney) arrived and reconciled with her son, but soon came around and shared an emotional goodbye with Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and Ada Nicodemou.

But, at the end of the show on Friday (July 14), Cash Newman made the startling revelation that the

As Andrew is being held hostage by the deadly Vita Nova cult, the Daily Star has taken a look back at some of the soap’s most spectacular kidnap schemes.

Murder in self-defence

When Dr. Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) arrived in the Bay in 2022, her dark past quickly came back to haunt her.

Summer Bay’s resident doctor was discovered to be locked in an abusive marriage with Jacob Cameron (Alex Williams), resulting in his kidnapping and holding Bree prisoner in a secluded area.

Bree tried her best to appear upbeat while being held against her will at the makeshift encampment, with Jacob detailing his plans to create new identities to enable them start a new life.

Bree began drafting a letter to Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) with little hope left, explaining her actual sentiments and acknowledging it was him she was in love with.

When Jacob discovered the letter, he became enraged and slapped Bree over the head, knocking her out.

When the doctor arrived, she observed Jacob excavating her tomb.

Bree sneaked up behind Jacob and slapped him around the head with the spade, unintentionally murdering him.

The police concluded that Bree acted in self-defense and dropped all charges against her throughout the investigation.

Jasmine’s impossible demand

Jasmine Delaney’s (Sam Frost) life became complicated after she began dating Robbo (Jake Ryan).

Robbo’s former foes arrived in Summer Bay and intercepted Jasmine on her way to the airport, killing her bodyguard Scott (Trent Baines) before loading her into the back of a car.

Des (Matt Zeremes) and his two accomplices Lenny and Fitz then kidnapped the doctor and kept him captive in an abandoned warehouse.

Scott shot Lenny before he died during the kidnapping, and Jasmine indicated that he needed immediate medical attention or he would die.

Des refused to take Lenny to the hospital, telling Jasmine that it was up to her to save him or she would die.

Robbo was eventually able to save Jasmine, but he died as a result of injuries incurred in a car accident caused by his enemies.

‘Most shocking storyline to date’

Back in 2020, long-running character Leah Patterson disappeared without a trace after receiving a mystery phone call.

After Justin contacted the police, they revealed they had spoken to Leah who insisted she was fine and left her partner by choice.

Later, Justin received a call from Leah who claimed she had moved on with her life and no longer wanted anything to do with him.

It was later revealed Leah was being held hostage by a violent man named Douglas, who’s wife left him after watching a video on Leah’s blog about domestic violence.

In a shocking turn of events, Douglas presented Leah with a wedding dress and told her they would be getting married the next day.

Leah managed to escape after attacking Douglas, running into the woods in her wedding gown before reuniting with Justin.

Left in desert to die

Kyle Braxton caused havoc in 2012 when he kidnapped Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) and held him captive in the desert.

Kyle (Nic Westaway) shackled Casey to an abandoned car in the Australian outback with no food or water.

He later stated his motivation for the nefarious idea was that Casey had shot and killed their father Danny (Andy McPhee) and then returned to his normal life.

Kyle was placed in foster care after Danny abandoned him, and he eventually developed a hatred against his half-brothers after his father died.

Kyle abandoned Casey and left him to die, but Tamara Kingsley (Kelly Paterniti) saved him before his older brother Daryl ‘Brax’ Braxton (Steve Peacock) saved them.

Surprisingly, Kyle returned to Summer Bay and eventually became close to his half-brothers.

Held hostage by own son

Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger), a fan favorite, vanished in 2016 with no word to her pals back in the Bay.

After months of silence, viewers were suddenly privy to her plight when it was revealed that she was being held hostage by Mick, the man who claimed to be her long-lost son.

Irene was being confined in a run-down house, forced to obey Mick’s every command.

Mick then sets his eyes on Irene’s lodger Olivia, who grows increasingly anxious about Irene’s safety as they return to the Bay.

When he attempted to kidnap Olivia, he warned her she’d never see Irene again until she got in the car.

Mick was enraged by the occurrence and began to pull Irene through the wilderness with a piece of rope.

Irene was raped by her uncle when she was 15, and she became pregnant with Mick, whom she gave up shortly after birth.

Mick blamed Irene for his erratic behavior, stating that he was raised in a harsh foster home after she abandoned him.

He was about to relocate Irene when she fled and he was apprehended by police.

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