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Home and Away’s Felicity hunts for clues in attack aftermath

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Next week, Felicity Newman from Home and Away will carry on her quest for justice as she starts looking for hints about who her assailant is.

Felicity recently went through a traumatic sexual assault after her drink at the Battle of the Bands competition was spiked and she passed out. Felicity realized she had been assaulted when she awoke and, with the help of her friends, went to the hospital for a forensic examination.

In scenes that will air on Channel 5 in the UK the following week, Felicity is seen struggling in the wake of the terrible incident and admits that not knowing who attacked her is breaking her apart.

Felicity’s husband Tane Parata and friend Eden Fowler applaud her decision to start counseling after the assault, but Flick is still dissatisfied with the police investigation’s lack of progress.

Felicity feels the need to exact revenge on her assailant, but she can’t do that until she can recall who he is.

Felicity’s emotions prompt her to knock on her brother Cash Newman’s police station office door and demand that Cash grant her permission to search through the video from the Battle of the Bands event in order to look for clues.

She is given access to the video footage by a reluctant Cash, but he quickly calls in Tane to stop her because he can tell that his sister isn’t in the right frame of mind to be trying to solve the case on her own.

Felicity is enraged that her efforts are being thwarted, and she begs Cash and Tane to give her the opportunity to identify her assailant.

Felicity, regrettably, feels as though she is going around in circles in her search and that her ordeal will never be over.

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