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Home and Away’s James Stewart reveals co-star he misses most after emotional soap exit

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EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away star James Stewart revealed the one person he misses most on set is on-screen sister Penny McNamee before she returned to the soap in a different role

Star of the television show Home and Away James Stewart admitted he misses working with Penny McNamee, who played his on-screen sister Tori Morgan from 2016 to 2021.

Along with Penny, 40, Jackson Heywood, and Orpheus Pledger, who played their other TV siblings Brody and Mason Morgan, James, 47, made his acting debut as Justin Morgan.

James clarified that he missed acting with his soap family but that Justin was the only member of the Morgan family still living in the Bay.

“I miss them so much,” he exclusively told Daily Star. “Penny McNamee, oh my gosh I miss her.”

In 2021, Tori said goodbye to Summer Bay and moved to London with her husband Christian Green (Ditch Davey) and daughter Grace to start a new life.

But less than two years after leaving the soap, Penny triumphantly returned, albeit in a very different capacity.

The actress revealed she was now a writer for the serial opera on Instagram earlier this year when she posted a picture of the Home and Away credits page with her name on it.

“PLoTwiST! Different place in the credits – same legendary team,” she penned in the caption.

After the incredible reaction from her friends and fans, the mum-of-two added in the comments: “I’m a little overwhelmed by all the encouragement and love. Thank you wonderful humans.”

James touched upon his co-star’s new role, admitting she was able to return as a writer because “she’s that smart”.

The actor added that Penny’s experience in musical theatre will be helpful during their lengthy on-location shooting.

She had a background in musical theatre, so anytime we worked 12-hour hours and the mood was a little dreary, we would sing a song. And she is familiar with each one.

James continued, “I grew up with Led Zeppelin and she grew up with Sondheim so we’d sort of swap stories and I miss it desperately.” James has been married to his former Home and Away co-star Sarah Roberts since 2019.

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