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Home and Away’s Johnny Ruffo shares update on cancer battle: ‘It’s hard’

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Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo reveals he is ‘battling along’ and praises girlfriend Tahnee Sims for being his rock.

JOHNNY RUFFO: I’m still undergoing chemotherapy and making progress by putting one step in front of the other. But it is difficult. I’m still moving on despite the fact that I still have cancer. However, try to keep upbeat and just be courageous and fortunate. I’m extremely blessed.

Tahnee has been on my side the entire time. I believe she is what keeps me going strong. She seems to be struggling just as much as I am. She has an additional layer of difficulties since she must put up with me. So, yes, without her, I would undoubtedly be in a far worse situation. She has unmistakably dropped a hint about, say, getting engaged.

I really like this ring, though. How does this ring feel? And I think, yeah, that one. I therefore believe that it may be in the cards. Nudge, nudge, I’m definitely getting there. So that’s another option. Additionally, we have been dating for a while now.

I suppose I’ve accepted the fact that you simply don’t know. You just don’t know whether you have a disease or not, for anyone for that matter. Nobody has any idea what will occur tomorrow. Therefore, you must be present in the moment and take each day as it comes. So that’s where I am right now. I cherish every moment I spend with Tahnee. I’ll also give my brother as many calls as I can.

I mean, I recently finished writing a book, and part of the reason I did it was not only to tell my story but to also help other people be able to understand, maybe not understand, but just to be able to reflect on themselves and be OK, just OK with what’s going on in their lives.

And to also be aware of the fact that someone else is almost always in a worse situation. Try your best to accept the situation as it is. I am aware of how challenging it is. It’s taxing physically, for example. It strains the mind. Don’t let that rule your life and world, please. Simply try to appreciate the time you have with the people you love and make wonderful memories. As a result, when they do think of you, they only smile and think positively.

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