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Home and Away’s Justin fights for his life in Andrew storyline

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Next week on UK television, Justin Morgan from Home and Away is taken to the hospital as Andrew Lawrence’s cult narrative finally reaches its climax.

As Justin makes a third attempt to return Andrew to Summer Bay, he comes under attack by the Vita Nova cult.

Justin is steadfast in his resolve to keep trying to persuade Andrew to leave the facility despite two failed attempts. Before taking any dramatic action, his partner Leah Patterson advises him to speak with Cash Newman, a local police officer.

Justin clearly has other ideas and returns to the cult’s headquarters without speaking to anyone.

Leah warns. Cash learns that Justin has vanished, and he decides to pay the facility a personal visit. He is sent away by the cult’s leader Margot, who reminds him that he needs a warrant to be there.

Unaware that a hurt Justin is close, Cash reluctantly complies and departs.

When Cash is gone, Andrew steps in to save Justin. Despite Andrew’s acceptance of a long-term future in Vita Nova, he maintains that Justin must leave and never return.

When Justin appears to be making a clean getaway, a cult member shoots an arrow that lands in his leg.

As Justin finds himself in a bad way, it’s Andrew to the rescue again. The traumatised teen gets his hands on Justin’s phone and calls Leah, begging her to send help.

Cash and the police task force arrive at the compound just in time, allowing Andrew to lead the paramedics to Justin.

Margot is arrested, while Justin is rushed into hospital and Bree Cameron desperately tries to save his life. Will everyone be able to move on from this?

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