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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan faces backlash over sabotage plan

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Next week on UK television, Justin Morgan from Home and Away will have to deal with the repercussions of his cheating at the Summer Bay golf tournament.

To beat his opponent John Palmer, Justin has decided to form a team for the forthcoming charity event.

Future episodes of Channel 5 will have Justin teaming up with Theo Poulos and Dean Thompson in the hopes that they would be strong enough to destroy John’s team.

Even though Dean is a complete beginner at golf, he is excited to participate after learning that the winning team will receive a brand-new automobile as its first prize. The timing couldn’t be better because Dean’s partner Ziggy Astoni has informed him that they will require a new vehicle once their child is born.

While everything is going on, John enlists Rose Delaney and Kirby Aramoana for his team. Rose is a two-time champion in golf tournaments, so it gives him more self-assurance.

Both teams tour the golf course the day before the competition to get a sense of their opponents.

When Justin witnesses Rose in action, he is uneasy since it is obvious that she will be challenging to defeat.

Later, when Justin sneaks out of the house, it is obvious that he is working on a sophisticated strategy to shift the balances in his favor.

The competition starts the following day, and Justin has many reasons to rejoice.

Dean shows that he is a complete natural at golf and benefits from beginner’s luck. The Palmer’s Putters team suffers a setback as John’s golf buggies breaks down, forcing everyone to navigate the course on foot. Justin and his players also see this setback.

Theo is right to think Justin tampered with the buggy, and he feels guilty for being on a dishonest team.

Unless Justin tells the truth, Theo says he’ll throw the game. Justin declines, arguing that they can’t obstruct Dean from winning the car.

When event organizer Roo Stewart reviews CCTV footage showing Justin fiddling with the golf buggy, the situation is taken out of his hands.

The competition is won by Justin’s team, but their joy is short-lived when they are caught cheating and stripped of their victory.

Dean demands reimbursement from Justin for the setback since he is furious over losing his new automobile.

Leah Patterson, Justin’s partner, tells him to sleep on the couch because she is embarrassed by his impolite behavior.

Will Justin be able to mend fences with everyone?

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