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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman reveals how her on-screen romance with Patrick O’Connor turned into real life love

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Sophie Dillman of Home and Away has discussed how her on-screen romance developed into a real-life relationship.

On the soap opera, Sophie, 29, portrayed Ziggy Astoni. One of the key plotlines for her character involved her relationship with Dean Thompson, who was portrayed by Patrick O’Connor.

The couple departed the serial opera earlier this year, but their real-life romance grew stronger as they relocated to the UK together.

The actress explained how their on-screen romance led to them truly falling in love with one another in a column for Yahoo Lifestyle.

According to her, working-related kissing “feels no different from sending an email.”

That is, until she kissed Patrick, at which point she gradually realized that her emotions were genuine and not just pretending.

In her essay, Sophie described how the laughter gradually increased in volume and intimacy.Both Sophie and Patrick were falling, as well as Ziggy and Dean.

There were a few butterflies in my stomach even with the onlookers and the sweat running down my back, “I remember the exact moment that it stopped feeling like I was kissing a colleague.”

The actress acknowledged that there was more to their on-screen relationship, but she insisted that they wanted to tread lightly because, at the end of the day, they were coworkers.

She claimed that they were anxious to end their on-screen romance because if something went wrong, Dean and Ziggy from Home and Away might not survive.

After recording their final scenes for the soap opera last year, they proceeded on their next journey and moved to London together. However, they decided to give it a try and started dating in 2019.

“Crazy or not, we decided to give the relationship a try and we’re so glad we did,” she continued. Dean and Ziggy came across one another. Not many people are so fortunate.

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