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Home and Away’s storyline divides fans: ‘Doesn’t make sense’

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This year’s Home and Away season premiered with a bang thanks to a terrible car accident that injured various characters for the long term, including Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo), Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou), and Justin Morgan (James Stewart).

Leah, who was impaled by a fence post, appears to have recovered, but Eden is still healing from the incident. The musician had expressed her romantic emotions for Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) before the accident, but he had turned them down.

Even though Cash is willing to explore a relationship with Eden, who is currently experiencing a sort of amnesia, Eden has been pushing him away.

She seems to be having trouble with her memory because a flashback of a kiss she had with Cash seems to be upsetting her.

Fans have expressed their surprise about the plot, with many asking why she seems to recall everything else yet has forgotten memories she experienced with Cash.

One user remarked in a fan group, “This narrative with Eden and Cash is absolutely ridiculous. It’s really pitiful why she is outraged over the fact that she remembers kissing him.

“Make me recall, or let’s create new memories,” I would say if it were me. I wouldn’t go into such a frenzy over remembering private events.

Others echoed her, stating that they too were perplexed as to Eden’s behavior.

One person questioned, “Why can she remember everything else but not that?” while another responded, “Agreed. yastmastmastmasticlericardsti as Not to mention the fact that she recalls everything but him. Does not make sense.

“I am 78 years old and have never ever heard of someone who has amnesia, although Home and Away have used it before. Another person said, “It’s starting to become boring.

Some cast members appeared to have recovered at such disparate speeds, others noted.

Leah would not have been able to escape that collision so quickly if this were real life, a fan said.

Another reader commented, “What is particularly stupid is that Remi is still complaining about his hand and the most injured person, Leah, is off on vacation.”

But some fervent viewers spoke forward to protect their preferred TV program.

“For goodness’ sake, you folks! Stop the vile moaning! If you don’t enjoy it, quit viewing it!!!!” a viewer shouted.

Another person chimed in, “OMG people, get a grip, this is a tale, not reality.

“They conflict with her memories, and she still has amnesia. Because of this, it upset her when she recalled kissing Cash. It is shocking and quite perplexing. That is how memory loss can be. You might remember a lot of things while forgetting certain things or persons. It probably seems strange if you haven’t had the experience. But she’s doing a great job of depicting it,” a third said.

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