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Home and Away’s Tane Parata left devastated in new storyline

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On the most recent Australian episodes of Home and Away, Tane Parata and Felicity Newman announced their shocking separation.

Following tense arguments regarding Felicity’s drinking, Tane and Felicity parted ways on Australia’s triple bill on Thursday, February 16.

After the accident that occurred on the day of her intended marriage to Tane, she has become more and more dependent on alcohol.

In this week’s episodes, Nikau, Tane’s nephew, alerted authorities after finding Felicity’s hidden supply of booze.

But, when Tane attempted to help his fiancée, she denied having a problem and moved into the campground to avoid being observed by her family.

In the most recent episodes of the show, Felicity took her rejection of Tane’s backing one step further.

She gave Tane her wedding band back and broke the news that their relationship was over. Tane was devastated.

Tane honestly thought that would be the end for them, but a worried Nikau felt Felicity would soon regret ignoring him.

Nikau informed Tane of how much Felicity plainly values him by bringing up the meaningful gesture she had secretly planned for the wedding.

Nikau stated: “You have no idea how much you mean to her—she was even learning her vows in Te Reo Mori. Those emotions don’t just go in an instant. She’s having difficulties, but it doesn’t mean she no longer loves you.”

Tane subsequently clarified, however: “She has made it very plain that she is attempting to do all in her power to drive me away. She doesn’t want to be with me, and I’m powerless to stop her, Nik. I can’t make you do that.”

Felicity revealed in her brother Cash that drinking is the only way she can block out unpleasant memories of the crash while Tane left Summer Bay for a few days to clear his brain.

When Tane eventually makes it back to the Bay, will his love with Felicity still have hope?

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