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Home and Away’s Tane Parata risks his life to save Felicity Newman in wedding storyline

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Disaster strikes on the big day.

Next week on UK television, Tane Parata from Home and Away hurries to save his fiancée Felicity Newman on their wedding day.

On the joyful couple’s special day, tragedy comes when Tex Wheeler’s violent biker gang shows up to exact revenge on Felicity’s brother Cash.

In self-defense last year, Cash assassinated the gang leader Marty while performing police work. As a result, the gang of crooks decided to kill him.

A gang member who is aware that Cash would be driving sabotages Felicity’s wedding automobile the night before the ceremony. Unfortunately, due to a last-minute change in plans, Felicity’s maid of honor Eden Fowler is now in charge of driving.

Eden and Felicity leave together without realizing that the bikies’ sabotage had caused the vehicle to leak brake fluid.

Eden is unable to brake as she is hurtling toward a van. Eden swerves into oncoming traffic to avoid ramming the automobile, but she crashes into Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson’s car instead.

The automobile driven by Justin and Leah takes off and rolls before hitting a fence.

Felicity and Eden are likewise propelled into the air, where they collide with a gas station.

Tane worries that Felicity left him at the altar during the ceremony because she was anxious about the big event.

Gary Morrow, Felicity’s foster father, says he received a call about a frightening accident as Tane informs that the wedding has been called off.

Eden is found slumped unconscious over the steering wheel at the scene of the collision.

Despite being immobile due to her legs being entangled in the car debris, Felicity is still conscious.

Tane wastes no time before rushing to the crash site, where the emergency services manage to free Eden from the vehicle.

Rescuing Felicity proves to be trickier, but when a petrol leak causes the car to burst into flames, Tane realises that time is running out.

Tane manages to free his trapped fiancée using only his bare hands, before carrying her to safety through smoke and flames.

Everyone may now be free, but will they all survive?

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