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Hope Stape from Coronation Street is planning to ‘attack’ a relative out of envious wrath.

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Hope Stape from Coronation Street might revert to her previous cheeky behaviour when her sister steals the show.

Hope Stape from Coronation Street, played by Isabella Flanagan, might succumb to envy in upcoming scenes.

The teenager is enthusiastic about the summer production because, according to official ITV soap opera spoilers, she will get the lead role.

Hope is excited about the prospect of taking the stage as she practises for the solo she thinks Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) will assign her.

Her expectations are dashed when she learns that her half-sister Ruby (Billie Naylor) has been cast in the major role.

Ruby is ecstatic as Glenda tells that two other kids and Hope will be Ruby’s backing singers at the Little Big Shotz summer extravaganza.

Hope is obviously unimpressed with the news, though, as she dislikes coming in second place to her sister.

Could Hope relapse into her former nasty habits due to her jealousy? Will she be happy for Ruby to be in the spotlight, or the opposite?

Fans have witnessed Hope, the daughter of serial killer John Stape (Graeme Hawley), engage in a number of dubious activities throughout the years.

Among them include setting her trampoline and the underworld factory on fire, tormenting her sister, and wielding a hammer in front of the students at school.

Iain MacLeod, the show’s executive producer, suggested that viewers would witness a different side of Hope in the future, which might imply that she won’t protest Ruby getting the starring part.

Speaking on Loose Women, he stated, “For the next 12 months, we’re going to do regular pre-teen stuff, but we thought actually we’ve done some very dark and twisted things with that character, and alright, it will still be part of her.

Sam and I will be developing a friendship that will, in some ways, resemble a very innocent pre-teen romance, and they will be attempting to steer clear of that.

We’ll see a more grounded, down-to-earth side of Hope, but there will always be a Hope twist because she may be wired a little differently than most kids her age.

However, viewers could notice some differences in Ruby’s appearance now that the original actress has been replaced after 11 years.

Ruby has typically been represented by Macy Alabi, a young actress who has chosen to leave the show after playing the character since she was born.

A source explained to The Sun why Macy made the decision to depart, saying, “Macy’s starting senior school soon so wants to focus on her studies.”

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