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How Tall Is Chris Hemsworth?

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The career of Chris Hemsworth started with the Australian soap Home And Away before Thor became a movie star, so how tall is he?

How tall is Chris Hemsworth, the movie star? Chris Hemsworth led the direction of many potential Australian actors following his television debut playing King Arthur in the fantasy series Guinevere Jones in 2002, by starring in soaps Neighbours and Home And Away.

In the latter, where he played Kim Hyde, he had a substantially more significant role, with the actor remaining with the show for three years before leaving in 2007. Although Kim has yet to reappear in Summer Bay, during a 2015 episode although visiting the set, Hemsworth himself made a fleeting appearance, appearing in the background of one scene seated in a diner and enjoying a burger.

He also featured on Season 5 of the Australian edition of Dancing With The Stars during Chris Hemsworth’s Home And Away run, where he finished in the fifth position. To try a film career, he quit the soap and got off to a strong start. During the beginning of the 2009 Star Trek movie remake, he played George Kirk-Captain James T. Kirk’s — father. Though it was a small role, Hemsworth made an impact, and he later co-starred with Milla Jovovich in the thriller A Great Getaway.

In 2009, Chris Hemsworth filmed a meta-horror comedy called The Cabin In The Woods, which would become a potential cult classic. Sadly, the movie sat on a shelf until 2012 because of MGM’s financial problems at the moment. In 2010, before landing the star-making role of Thor in the 2011 blockbuster of the same name, Hemsworth scored a lead role opposite Sean Bean in the thriller Ca$h.

Hemsworth had quite a ride with the position, acting in two direct sequels and all of the films of The Avengers, and he will return for the forthcoming release of Thor: Love And Thunder, which is scheduled for 2022. At 6 ft 3 inches, or 1.9 m, Chris Hemsworth stands in height.

For any of his other projects beyond the MCU, Chris Hemsworth had mixed fortunes. Racing biopic Rush made good sales, but both Michael Mann’s techno-thriller Blackhat and the remake of the 2016 Ghostbusters did low numbers.

The latter showed off the comedic chops of the star, however, which led to a funnier makeover with the Ragnarok of 2017 offered to Thor. He also acquired a short-lived franchise after starring alongside Kristen Stewart in 2012 in Snow White And The Huntsman, but his solo spinoff The Huntsman: Winter’s War was a box office dud in 2016, and later the actor himself expressed dissatisfaction about how it worked out.

In recent years, Chris Hemsworth has been busy, and he’s turned up in Poor Times At The El Royale and Men at Black International outside of his Thor appearances. For extreme Netflix action-thriller extraction, he has recently received great reviews and has lots of cool projects on the horizon.

This includes a planned sequel to Extraction, a biopic of Wrestler Hulk Hogan, and a starring role in Furiosa’s Mad Max spinoff, where Anya Taylor-Joy will play the title role.

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