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I’m A Celebrity’s Ferne McCann insists she has no regrets despite ‘most disgusting’ ordeal

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FERNE MCCANN has candidly spoken out about her time on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and facing the “most disgusting thing” she has ever had to do as part of a terrifying trial.

The 32-year-old Ferne McCann has reflected on her time on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2015, during which she braved the terrifying Bushtucker Trials and finished third. The former TOWIE star revealed in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk that even though she had to perform the “most filthy thing” she had ever had to do, she knew from the start what she had agreed to and had no regrets. “You know what you’re signing up for when you’re doing it,” Ferne said. I was really fortunate to be granted the chance. Yes, eating the spider was the most repulsive thing I have ever had to do, and lying in a coffin with snakes around me wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Nevertheless, I managed to get through it, survived, and had one of the most amazing few weeks of my life as a result.

Ferne, despite having to perform certain gut-wrenching activities, looks back on the trying experience with fondness.

Ferne responded, when asked what she thought of the ITV program, “I enjoyed it so much.

The trip was shared with some of the most amazing people I’m still friends with today. “Falling asleep under the stars, feeling cozy in that hammock.”

Ferne and Vicky Pattinson, the star of Geordie Shore, became friends as a result of their incredibly close connection.

She acknowledged that she didn’t particularly enjoy the Bushtucker Trials, in which celebrities are required to carry out terrible acts in order to earn food.

That’s how Vick and I became friends, she recalled.

“I recently reconnected with George Shelley, and we immediately resumed where we left off.

“I actually enjoyed it all…

perhaps not so much the Bushtucker Trials?

Was actually one of the highlights of my life, though.

In 2020, Ferne said to Express.co.uk how “lazy” competitors always have more difficulty than the rest because “the boredom will get you in the end.” Ferne explained that the secret to avoiding boredom was to “become immersed” in every activity as she discussed the upcoming new season. “I think boredom is the biggest issue,” she stated.

Being away from civilization, your friends, and family, as well as being thrust into this entirely new atmosphere, “you really need to immerse yourself in camp life and simply get engaged,” says one camper. “It’s lack of sleep and you are hungry.”

You’ll start acting differently and possibly not how you normally would.

Ferne emphasized that I’m A Celebrity is “a whole other ball game,” despite the fact that the competitors may have “grown used to” dealing with boredom as a result of being confined to their homes during the coronavirus lockdown. But perhaps after getting used to the new living conditions under lockdown, the celebrities will be accustomed to it, she continued.

But because of how different this situation is, the celebrities must participate in camp duties because they keep you occupied.

“If you don’t keep yourself active in there, boredom will eventually win.”

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