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Inside Tina O’Brien’s life as the 40-year-old soap star of Coronation Street

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Since her ITV soap opera début in 1999, Tina O’Brien has spent more than twenty years portraying the notorious Sarah Platt.

Soap star Tina O’Brien has been at the core of some emotional and tragic storylines ever since her Weatherfield début in the late 1990s.

Sarah Platt’s life has been filled with drama, including a startling teen pregnancy, nearly dying at the hands of her stepfather Richard Hillman (played by Brian Capron), and her most recent torrid affair with bad boy Daman Hay (Ciaran Griffiths).

Express.co.uk has looked into Tina’s time away from the Cobbles drama as she reaches 40 because she has spent half of her life as a cast member of the ITV soap opera.

With her current husband Adam Crofts, the actress has two children: a son named Beau and a daughter named Scarlett.

She and her former co-star Ryan Thomas, who portrayed Jason Grimshaw in the serial opera Coronation Street, have a 14-year-old daughter together.

Scarlett appears to be following in her parents’ footsteps since she will be starring opposite her uncle Adam Thomas from Emmerdale in the BBC’s 2023 remake of Waterloo Road as Izzie Charles.

After a brief relationship with Todd Grimshaw’s on-screen boyfriend, Bruno Langley, who played Tina, Tina and Ryan began dating in 2003.

Following their daughter’s first birthday and six years of dating, the two stars decided to end their union.

Tina told New Magazine at the time that he no longer loved her. He said that I was no longer doing it for him, she said. That was what he said.

“I was devastated beyond belief. He claimed that having a relationship with me would be too demanding.

Following their breakup, the two have had a tumultuous relationship. Ryan has accused Tina of repeatedly hitting his car with a baseball bat last year.

The soap star, however, discovered love once more when she started dating Adam, with whom she got engaged in 2016.

On New Year’s Eve of 2018, the couple were married, with Tina admitting that Scarlett played a part in how they first connected.

She admitted as much to The Mirror in 2017: “Scarlett went up and said, ‘Hello, man.’ He was working on his computer. We started talking once he revealed his name was Adam.

The couple’s kid was born in 2014, and they all reside in a lavish Manchester mansion that she frequently posts glimpses of on social media.

When she was 23 years old, she took a sabbatical from the cobbles in 2007 to look into other performing chances.

Tina returned to portray Sarah on Corrie in 2015 after appearing in Waterloo Road, Casualty, and Call The Midwife. She has been on the serial opera ever since.

The actress spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk and other media outlets, where she honoured her on-screen relatives.

“I could get quite emotional about it, I love Sue (Nicholls) and Helen (Worth) so much,” she remarked.

“I began working on that programme when I was 16 years old, and Helen has always treated me with love.

“What she has done is give the impression that we are a team on set. People might be a little egotistical when you work with them.

“Making something that works is what Helen is all about, and I believe it has helped us actually form our own small soap family.

“I genuinely love the Platt family; there are times when I get to spend more time with them than I do with my own family.”

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