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Friday, June 14, 2024

It’s a girl! Home and Away’s Mark Furze welcomes first child

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Mark Furze, a former star of Home and Away, and his wife Laural have announced the birth of their daughter, Soma.

“There is no better right of passage a human can go through than labor and giving birth,” Mark posted on Instagram to share the joyous news. The seriousness of how unfathomably difficult and profound it is has a force I was unaware of.

“It truly is a Caterpillar-Butterfly experience.

“I share our baby, Soma, with you, full of love and appreciation.” I’ve been blessed with another amazing lady in my life, as well as a new ability to recognize beauty in the world that I hadn’t realized I had until now.

“Lollie, thank you for choosing me to partner you on this journey. I’m in awe of you and I promise to be the best husband and father I can be 💕

Laural surprised her beau with the wonderful news of their impending baby in June, releasing a video of herself shocking her beau.

“Some big news. I am pregnant,” Laural said in a piece to camera before cutting to a sign she had made for The Voice star Mark which read: “Welcome home Daddy. Let’s try this again. I love you.”

The lovely clip then showed Mark entering into the room with the sign and embracing his wife, showing his happy emotion.

Captioning the post, Laural wrote: “Our hearts are bursting with so much love and joy ♥. Baby Furze coming Late December 2021.”

Mark and Laural had a terrible miscarriage 10 weeks into their pregnancy in 2020, and they openly discussed it on social media at the time.

“It’s difficult to open up and post the hard stuff on social media but it doesn’t feel right only posting the good,” Laural penned.

“We found out at my ultrasound that the pregnancy isn’t viable and that I’ve had a missed miscarriage, which means my body still thinks I’m pregnant but the foetus hasn’t matured.”

“I’m currently in the hospital awaiting a D&C operation to aid my body with the process,” she wrote, referring to a dilation and curettage procedure that involves tissue removal from inside the uterus”

In the lengthy post, Laural continued to explain her reasons for being so open.

“I felt compelled to post this because it doesn’t feel right to keep pretending that this major life event hasn’t occurred to us.” She wrote, “I want to honor it and be upfront about it.”

“Women should feel more comfortable talking about pregnancy loss and that’s another reason I felt compelled to share my story.”

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