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‘It’s nice doing other stuff’ Emmerdale’s Dan Spencer star addresses future on ITV soapEMMERDALE actor Liam Fox, who plays Dan Spencer in the hit ITV soap, has opened up about his future in the village.

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Dan Spencer, a newcomer to Emmerdale (played by Liam Fox), made an impression right away when he moved to the community and quickly alienated Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley). Sally Dexter, the mother of the mechanic, was the object of Dan’s fling, and it’s safe to say that the Dingle favorite wasn’t amused. In contrast, Liam revealed out about his new Channel 5 project while discussing his future on the soap opera in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk. The Dean Andrews, who portrays Will Taylor in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, and the Dan Spencer actor have linked together. The actors explore the outdoors and what the Dales have to offer in the new program Our Great Yorkshire Life.

They also engaged in a variety of other activities, such as kayaking and caving.

However, Liam claims that not all of the filming as planned.

The soap star acknowledged that while he has no plans to leave Emmerdale, he would love to do more if ITV executives permitted it when discussing his new presenting gig.

He said, “I’d love to do more presenting, more things with Dean and more things on my own.
“I absolutely adore Emmerdale, and I will be content there until the very end, but it’s wonderful doing other projects as it keeps the old grey matter running.
In fact, I also have a podcast about ghosts and UFOs. I’m used to being a little foolish, so

Liam continued by recalling some of the filming-related events and confessing that he is “scared of everything.”

The 52-year-old said of the caving endeavor, “I’m a bit of a wet lettuce myself, terrified of the dark and scared of my own shadow.”

However, because Liam cannot swim, Dean had to complete one expedition by himself.

It was amusing because I can’t swim, so Deano did the kayaking while I kept an eye on him from the sides to make sure he was okay.

Because I’m simply sitting there waiting for him while he’s traveling down this tiny, shallow river, I find it to be more amusing than anything else. What goes on there is also fairly entertaining. That was very hilarious. The actor said, “Not as such, Dean slid a bit going down in the caves, but he was alright. “, when asked if there had been any mishaps while filming. It will be interesting to watch whether Dean has a minor accident in the kayaks.

“I don’t believe he found it amusing, but I laughed.

“I hope they’ve kept it all, but let’s just say [he] had a small crash.”

Amelia, Liam’s on-screen daughter, is the main character in his current plot (Daisy Campbell).

The girl recently learned she was expecting Noah’s (Jack Downham) child, and Charity Dingle is the only one in whom she has confided (Emma Atkins).

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