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ITV Emmerdale’s Caleb Milligan ‘isn’t really a Dingle’ as fans spot horrifying DNA twist

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After revealing he was the son of Frank Tate and the half-brother of Cain and Chas Dingle, Caleb Milligan made a dramatic entrance into the village the previous year.

Will Ash’s character Caleb Milligan in Emmerdale may not be a true Dingle even though he claims to be the brother of Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Cain (Jeff Hordley). Some have theorized that he might be posing as a relative as a part of a larger scheme.

On Facebook, fans expressed their opinions. One fan wrote, “I don’t think Caleb is Cain’s brother?” “I think Caleb is out to destroy the Dingles revenge, maybe?” offered a suggestion from another viewer.

Some fans even believed that Ruby and Caleb were attempting to divide the Dingles. “OMG just imagine if Ruby was Cain’s sister instead?!” a fan commented.

After having an affair with Tracy Robinson (Amy Walsh) and breaking his nephew Nate’s heart (Jurell Carter), Caleb has already caused problems in the village. In an attempt to exact revenge on Kim Tate (Claire King), he also attempted to seize the farm from Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb). Fans believe things could get worse now that he’s back with his divorced wife.

Asserting that Caleb is a real Dingle, some Emmerdale viewers claim that “when Caleb went to visit Cain in prison, he knew who he was straight away?” “They met before years ago when Caleb came to town to search for his mother,” recalled another fan. Chas continued to attend school at that time.

One viewer argued: “What makes you think that? Caleb had his birth certificate that proved he’s Faith’s son, he had a pic of her, so why would he go to all that trouble just to lie about being a part of the Dingle family?”

Ruby, Caleb’s wife, didn’t like the Dingles much after seeing Wishing Well Cottage during Belle’s (Eden Taylor-Draper) hen do.

She didn’t like Steve, Lydia’s stuffed bird, or the messy house, and told Caleb what she thought. He didn’t agree, but Ruby pushed on.

“Are you sure you’re related to these people?” she asked. Caleb firmly replied: “I’m sure.”

However, this could be a hint at a major plot turn that is forthcoming.

Eden Taylor-Draper, who portrays Belle in Emmerdale, talked about her feelings regarding her character’s mother Lisa (Jane Cox) passing away and her marriage to Tom.

“I can’t imagine receiving something like that—something so precious that had been kept safe for that special day—but the letter is beautiful and so emotional,” the woman remarked. That someone would do that is very emotional and such a precious moment.”

“Zak (Steve Halliwell) adores Tom and believes that he is the perfect match for her because of all of his positive qualities. Lisa would adore him as well, in my opinion. He seems to be liked by all the Dingles.”

If the fan theory turns out to be accurate, will Caleb betray the Dingles once more and could his true identity be revealed?

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