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Jamie Hope’s’return’ to Emmerdale comes as the star appeals to Bob’s family to support him.

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Jamie Hope made his ITV soap opera debut in 2006, but he left the show barely four years later.

Tony Audenshaw’s character, Bob Hope, is currently grappling with the revelation that Wendy Posner, his partner, had an extramarital affair with Johnny McPherson’s character, Liam Cavanagh.

Actor Tony has asked his son Jamie Hope (Alex Carter), who is suffering from a broken heart, to come home and support him at this most recent difficult time.

Tony said, “Alex Carter, who portrayed Jamie, Bob’s son, I’d love for him to come back.” We remain friends.

Emmerdale would need to make a minor adjustment if they brought his son Josh back, though.

They’d have to recast Josh, Bob’s other son, because Marc Silcock, who portrayed him, afterwards played Jackson, Aaron’s lover, Tony continued.

Josh might be anywhere working on anything, and Bob’s daughter Roxy, who I believe is in America, is the same.

Jamie believed his father had abandoned him and his sister Dawn, thus their connection wasn’t the finest to begin with.

Jamie made the decision to put the past behind him when he witnessed Bob wed Viv Hope, but his resolve to do so was short-lived because he assaulted his father at the reception.

Over the years, the couple experienced ups and downs, and when Jamie fell in love with Gennie Walker (Sian Reese-Williams), supporters believed Jamie had finally found solace.

The two had made the decision to go to Newquay, where they had both accepted new jobs, but when Jamie caught Bob kissing Gennie, thinking they had resumed their affair, he ended everything.

Gennie and Bob were both devastated when Jamie made the decision to travel to Newquay alone.

Could Bob and Jamie finally be able to put their turbulent history behind them if Jamie did make a comeback?

Or will Jamie bring his father even greater pain?

While this was going on, Tony revealed that Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) and Bob might end up dating.

Since co-founding the B&B, the two have become closer. Tony told Digital Spy: “The Bernice and Bob stuff has just been amazing.

“We had a great time at the B&B’s fantastic opening; there was a lot of comedy. There is chemistry there, of course.

Bernice is undoubtedly a feisty woman, and Bob has experience with them.

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